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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Board of Education Meeting

The Fort Thomas Independent School Board. FTM file. 
The Fort Thomas Board of Education met on October 10th at 6:30 pm.

This month's Student Showcase featured students representing each grade at Moyer Elementary.  The students used various forms of media such as graphs, iMovie, PowerPoint, and Sway to answer the question: What makes Moyer great?

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The student presenters were:


Vivian Winkler
Ella Kate Reynolds
Oliver Haas

1st Grade:

Kit Valentine
Emil Sztanyo

2nd Grade:

Emma Hood
Cole Noah

3rd Grade:

Elliot Dunba
Duncan Hume

4th Grade:

Evelyn Morel
Somfe Nzekwu

5th Grade:

Sophia Gilkerson

The Board thanked the students for their presentation and gave each of them a "Rich in Tradition" t-shirt.

Jerry Wissman gave the Board an update on the current status of the HHS renovation, noting that the final pay applications would be processed when all work on the project is completed.

A motion was passed for the Approval of Change Proposal 4-R-2 in the amount of $108,555.00, Change Proposal 5-R in the amount of $94,567.00, and Change Order #3 for the total amount of $203,122.00 for the Moyer Elementary Renovation project.  This was passed unanimously with a motion by Mr. Bradley Fennell and a second by Mr. Jeff Beach.

Following a lengthy discussion, the Board approved the installation of terrazzo in the mall corridor and cafeteria areas, which will replace the standard rubber flooring.

Approval of a Pay Application #11 in the amount of $762, 318.70 to Morel Construction for the MES renovation project passed unanimously with a motion by Mrs. Lisa Duckworth a second by Mr. Jeff Beach.

An approval to establish a second 6th grade Boys and Girls Basketball coaching position passed with a motion by Mrs. Karen Allen and a second by Mr. John Weyer.  This second position was needed due to an increased number of boys signing up for tryouts over the last five years.  Related, Matt Haskamp, HHS athletic director, presented and reviewed the 2015-16 athletic budget.

Ginger Webb reviewed GAP scores with the Board, noting that our gap groups represent a small number of students.

Jon Stratton reviewed the 2016 Summer Enrichment Program, noting the number of classes offered and the number of students participating in the program.

With all Board members having had the opportunity to review and pursue any questions about all of the items contained therein, approval of the consent agenda passed with a motion by Mrs. Lisa Duckworth and a second by Mr. Jeff Beach. 

Employment of the following Classified Employees
Jeffery Hoskins – Custodian – HHS
Change in Position of the following Classified Employees
Anna Feldmann – from FT to PT Instructional Assistant – JES
Joni Deinlein – from PT to FT Instructional Assistant – JES
Jeremy Hall – from Custodian 2nd Shift Supervisor – HHS to Custodian – HMS
Paul Abplanalp - from Custodian - WES to Custodian 2nd Shift Supervisor - HHS

Employment of the following Extra Service Positions
Aaron Lense – Girls Track Coach – HMS
Rhonda Gardner – Grade Level Leader (K) – WES
Shelby Jones – Grade Level Leader (1st) – WES
Allison Roth – Grade Level Leader (2nd) – WES
Donna Hicks – Grade Level Leader (3rd) – WES
Tina Reynolds – Grade Level Leader (4th) – WES
Kelly Smith – Grade Level Leader (5th) – WES

Employment of the following Paraprofessionals
Lori Valentine – Drama Club Sponsor – HMS
Hazen Frick – Chess Club Sponsor – WES
Jill Smith – Girls Asst. Tennis Coach – HHS

Resignation of the following Classified Employees
Donald Elkins – Custodian – HHS
Julee Laur - Cafeteria - JES

Resignation of the following Paraprofessional
Shawn Barone – Boys Asst. Tennis Coach – HHS

Employment of the following Certified Substitutes

Sarah Stewart
Michael Lipscomb

Employment of the following Classified Substitutes
Tasha Williams
Missy Welch

Notification of the following Volunteers
Taylor Gross – Mock Trial – HHS
Paul Smith – Tennis – HHS

Board Chair Karen Allen  adjourned the meeting at 7:46 pm.

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