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Sunday, November 6, 2016

OP-ED: "I've Heard Your Concerns and I'll Address Them"

David Cameron. Provided. 
By David Cameron, candidate for Fort Thomas City Council 

Over the past month, I have laced up my walking shoes and knocked on doors throughout the city.  I have enjoyed meeting you, Fort Thomas residents. We have discussed your opinions on growing our city’s assets and addressing our areas for improvement.

Along the way, I have been listening and learning.  From your comments, I have researched potential policies and solutions to be implemented.

I understand your frustrations surrounding the delay in the VA Homes project, and will make that a top priority of my term. I hear you when you say you want the reservoir walking paths reopened.  We should work with the Northern Kentucky Water District to make this happen.

I also understand your frustrations concerning maintenance code enforcement and issues surrounding vacant homes. In a recent op-ed published in Fort Thomas Matters, I presented you with a plan to resolve some of those issues.

As a father, I value the safety and security that Fort Thomas provides for my family.  Ensuring that level of safety and providing our law enforcement with resources to keep heroin out of our city will be a focus of my term.  I also want to ensure our students have safe walks to school, and will continue to evaluate the potential for additional sidewalks, crosswalks, and safety signage.  

To build upon one of our biggest assets – our people – I have suggested the creation of a Fort Thomas Volunteer Network.  With this online network, residents will have a constant resource through which to get involved in the great things going on in our city.  This will be especially useful as we lead up to the sesquicentennial celebration in 2017.

These are only a few of the issues I intend to address as your councilman.  I am excited for the opportunity to get to work on these initiatives, and so I ask for your vote on Tuesday.

I hope that the way I have run my campaign reflects how seriously I will take my role as councilman.  I appreciate you voting for me, David Cameron, for Fort Thomas City Council.

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