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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Police: Hundley Ran From Police in Frankfort Restaurant (UPDATE - NOW IN CUSTODY)

"Todd" Hundley's latest mugshot, taken in October 2016, in Lexington Fayette Jail. 
BREAKING: 1:23 p.m. (Wednesday) - Kentucky State Police has Hundley in custody. They are taking him to Fayette County Jail after apprehending him in Versailles, Kentucky. 

According to police, he surrendered without incident. 

Under the page break below, the original story, which was written and published at 12:38 p.m., details how Hundley had most recently escaped police for the second time in two days. 


Walter "Todd" Hundley, 43 from Lexington, has been on the run from police across multiple Kentucky cities since Monday.

It was then when he rammed a Dayton Police cruiser, before taking police for a five-minute high-speed chase through residential streets.

He crashed and was apprehended.

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He refused medical treatment but jail officials had authorities check him out at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas where he slipped out the back door and ran into the wooded area behind the medical facility.

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That's when Hundley allegedly made the mile trek to Michel Tires Plus in the Fort Thomas Plaza, located at 96 Alexandria Pike in Fort Thomas.

Fort Thomas Police Lt. Rich Whitford confirmed that Hundley walked behind the service desk at that location and stole keys to a  2016 Nissan Altima.

"We got a tip that he was heading to Frankfort so we alerted authorities down there on his possible location," said Whitford.

Sure enough, the tip from Fort Thomas Police was right on and a Kentucky State Police trooper spotted the stolen car at the parking lot of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort. According to police, before the trooper could arrest him, Hundley ran once again, this time out of the backdoor.

According to police, this Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort, Kentucky is where Hundley last evaded police. Behind the restaurant, there is a wooded area where he ran from police. Google.

The trooper pursued him on foot, but Hundley once again escaped. Local media outlets had incorrectly reported that he had been apprehended for a second time.

Whitford said among the new charges, Hundley would also now be facing a persistent felony charge that could multiply the time he could spend in jail.

His past criminal convictions are extensive and include multiple prior convictions of escape and evading police.

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His wife, Susan Rusch, told Fort Thomas Matters that Hundley told her he would do anything possible to avoid going back to jail.

"He has made statements that if it ever came down to him going back to prison, (authorities) would have to catch him and kill him first because he's not going back there," she said.

Whitford said that police consider Hundley dangerous, but aren't sure if he's armed.

"He rammed an officers car and allegedly made some pretty inflammatory statements about not wanting to go back to jail, so we do consider him dangerous," said Whitford.

Hundley, who goes by Todd, is approximately 6'1" and 180 pounds.


  1. How can Susan make those statements when she hasn't spoken to him in five years?

    1. Susan can make those statements because he has said that to Susan before. I know who made this comment and like i said read the comments on the other post i said he said that back in 2012. So it hasn't been six years almost 4. And its obvous he meant it when he said it. He stole 2 vechiles sent the cops on a high speed chase escsped from the hospital. Than sent police on a goose chase and got caught. He tried to run but like they say you can run but you cant hide.

  2. Because thats when he told her that. Which i know who this ks commenting like i said go back and read the comments i left. I said he said this back in 2012. But guess he wasn't lying was he. Stole a vechile sent police on a high speed chase, escaped and ran for 3 days so he tried his hardest from going back to prison

  3. It is good to hear he is not in our area any more, but apparently it is not safe where he is now. I hope he is apprehended very soon. He seems to be an escape artist.