Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Acts of Art Show Up at Riggs Park in Fort Thomas

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Have you been to Riggs Park lately?

Riggs Park, of course, is the small pocket park situated between Memorial Parkway, Rosemont and W. Southgate.

On Wednesday, the day after Election Day, dozens of paper doves showed up, hanging off the trees. It was a "random act of art," inspired by "Golden Fabulous."

"In many cultures white doves represent love, hope, peace, and unity," read a sign posted on a tree at the park. "I hope you enjoy our display. If you are so moved, please take a dove for yourself or to share with someone you love. We're all in this together. Much love."

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Golden Fabulous, which has a corresponding Facebook and Instagram (below) boasts their manifesto:

Our art is intended to delight and surprise, never upset or offend.
Our installations are temporary. Any damage to the landscape is unintended and temporary. We make sure to remove our installations, and clean up the area if necessary.
We use recycled materials whenever possible.
We believe art should be accessible to all.
We believe that art can be anything you create.
We believe that everyone is creative, and encourage everyone to explore their own creativity.

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So if you saw this floating around the breeze, or perhaps on Facebook or Instagram, now you know why. Tag them with the hashtag #RAA or #RandomActsofArt if you are so inclined.

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