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Friday, November 4, 2016

Wooden Cask Brewing Company Opens in Newport (11-4-16)

Head brewer and owner of Wooden Cask Brewing Company, Randy Schlitz, on Wednesday, November 2. Schiltz and his wife Karen with staff were putting on finishing touches before their public grand opening on Friday, November 4, 2016. FTM file. 
Newport, Kentucky will welcome a new brewery and taproom officially, as owners Karen and Randy Schiltz will open Wooden Cask Brewing Company at 629 York Street  Friday, November 4th at 5:00 p.m.

A grand opening is planned for Saturday, November 12th at 11:00am – with a ribbon cutting at 10:45 a.m. There is a production brewery with a large tap room. In total, Wooden Cask Brewing Company occupies almost 10,000 square feet in a building that used to house a 1980 punk-rock bar, a bowling alley and most recently, a Yellow Cab company.

It's been a long time coming for the Schiltz'. He sold his shares at Rivertown Brewery in the fall of 2014 and has been working on the deconstruction and construction of the building on York Street for about a year.

"I did all the deconstruction myself," he said. "I'm excited to open and put the finishing touches on now. Beer is supposed to be fun and we are ready for that."

According to Randy, Wooden Cask is named for the traditional method of serving beer. Wooden Cask joins the movement of locally owned and operated tap room and breweries. Ei8ht Ball Brewing in Newport, Darkness Brewing in Bellevue and Braxton Brewing in Covington are a few in the industry locally.

In the brewing room at Wooden Cask Brewing Company, there are three 15-barrel fermenters and two 30-barrel fermenters. There is also a 15-barrel and 30-barrel brite tank. Brite tanks are used to carbonate and serve the beer.

For some perspective, Darkness Brewing has a three-barrel system whereas Braxton has a 20-barrel brewhaus, with an 80 and 120-barrel fermenter.

Schiltz said his beer will differentiate themselves by being "traditional."

"The brewery's primary focus will be on traditional, easy-drinking beers that are a little lower (in alcohol content). They'll be beers that people can relate to."

He said he will be particularly interested in making some English, Irish and Scottish styles, which is also what the aesthetic will be inside the tap room.

The tap room is 4,400 sq. feet and features multiple TV's, booths, couches and table tops with barstools. FTM file. 

Opposite view of the pictures above. FTM file. 
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Staff getting ready for the open. These pictures were taken on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. FTM file.

Many of the elements of the property were taken from past businesses in the location. The bar tops were reclaimed from a past bowling alley. Karen Schiltz, Randy's wife and business partner is in the background of this picture. FTM file.

Two brewers were in the brewing room making the beer that would be ready for consumption  shortly. FTM file. 

In the brewing room, there are three 15-barrel fermenters and two 30-barrel fermenters. There is also a 15-barrel and 30-barrel brite tank. Brite tanks are used to carbonate and serve the beer. FTM file. 
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Schiltz checking on a batch of freshly brewed beer. FTM file.  

The aroma of the yeast filled the backroom. FTM file. 

Brewers climbed a flight of stairs to get to the top of the fermenters. FTM file. 

The stainless-steer fermenters are in pristine condition. FTM file. 

Schiltz goes over the game plan. FTM file. 

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  1. Congrats and welcome to Northern Kentucky. Great job on construction of building.