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Friday, December 16, 2016

150th Anniversary Banners to be Birthday Card for Fort Thomas

Right click and save this for your Facebook cover photo to join in the celebration. Design by: Cathy Sonnett. FTM file. 

Looking for a unique Christmas present for your family? The City of Fort Thomas is offering a unique opportunity to own a part of Fort Thomas history in the lead up to next years sesquicentennial celebrations.

As part of the celebrations next year the town will be decorated with 140 banners throughout Inverness, the Towne Center and the Midway. The banners were designed by local graphic designer Cathy Sonnett, a Creative Director at an agency in Cincinnati, who completed the project absolutely pro-bono. Cathy took on the project because:

“It was a way to get more involved and give back to the community. We moved here a year and a half ago and it’s a great way to get to know people who have been rooted here for generations and really help the city celebrate.”

This is an advertisement. 
Debbie Buckley, Economic Development Director says:

“We have really wonderful people who are donating a lot of time and talent to us. She captured everything we were looking for. They’re cheerful, they’re celebratory and they’re definitely Fort Thomas.”

The banners themselves have to be seen to be believed. Cathy’s inspiration came from a conversation with Debbie Buckley:

“I asked her what was important to capture in the banners and with a big smile she said they had to be a celebration, so the color scheme, the fireworks are all celebratory. They feature the water tower, which is just so iconic, it’s a must have in identifying anything as from Fort Thomas. We had another design which was more traditional and also felt appropriate with the town’s history but this one is much more of a celebration.”

The city has opened up sponsorship of the banners to families as well as businesses. Each banner will be custom printed with the name of the family or business and at the end of next year they will be returned to the sponsor as a keepsake. The banners will be hung February 27th , on the city’s actual anniversary, next year so there is a deadline of January 15th for purchase, to allow time for printing. Any gift purchases before Christmas will be issued presentation cards to hand over on the big day!

The theme of the Sesquicentennial is “Community is our business” and Debbie Buckley sees the banners as a way for the whole community to get involved in the celebration:

“We want the entire community to have another way to be involved and to attach their names to the city’s birthday card, so to speak. When you drive up and down the avenue, the banners will be kind of like a birthday card and we’re hoping a lot of families will want to sign their name.”

Joe Orennder of Beacon Landscape Lighting has already secured his banner because he wants to show support to our community. 

“Fort Thomas is a unique town and it has a very strong and solid sense of community.  Beacon Landscape Lighting is a part of this community and I wanted to support our town as we celebrate this important sesquicentennial milestone.”

Omega Processing have also purchased a banner, Betsy Downward of Omega says:

"Omega is proud to call Fort Thomas home and support our community during its anniversary year. We are looking forward to participating in the celebration and seeing what is in store in coming years."

Debbie would also like to remind residents that there will be further announcements on the sesquicentennial celebrations coming imminently:

“There are a lot of exciting announcements coming up over the next few weeks, so be watching on Fort Thomas Matters and the City of Fort Thomas website.”

The banners are priced at $200 each. For more information on how to purchase please contact Debbie Buckley, at (859) 572 1225.

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