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Friday, December 9, 2016

Car Spins Out on Memorial Parkway Into Embankment

FTM file. 
A leaky fire hydrant and freezing temperatures led to a single-car accident today around 10:00 p.m. on Memorial Parkway near The Overlook apartments in Fort Thomas.

The hydrant, which is at the bottom of the hill of the newly named Oakbrook Lane, was slowly leaking and froze over the top of the street.

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According to police, that's what caused the car to spin out of control and into a off the side of the road.

Fort Thomas Police were on scene to help secure the crash site. The male driver got out of the car on his own, which was pulled away by a wrecker. He was not seriously injured.

Police currently have the turn lane and part of the northbound lane blocked off, while they wait for the Northern Kentucky Water District to send crews to turn the water flow off to the hydrant. The Kentucky Department of Transportation, which does the maintenance on the state route, was also called to scrape the ice from the road and treat it with ice melter if necessary.

Water service will temporarily be cut off to the apartment complex while the repairs to the hydrant are made.

FTM file. 

Officers Sean Donelan, Michael Dietz and Brent Moening were on scene.

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