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Thursday, December 22, 2016

December City Council Meeting (2016)

Councilmen (L to R): Thompson, Peterman, Bezold, Haas, Kelly, Bowman, Muller. FTM file. 
The Fort Thomas City Council met on Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.  All members were present, and the Mayor remarked that this would be the last council meeting for members John Muller and Chuck Thompson.  Mayor Haas thanked them for their service and contributions as council members.

In the police department's monthly report, Chief Mike Daly told council of a new officer, Wayne Dutle, who is joining the force in Fort Thomas.  Mr. Dutle is coming from the Newport police department and brings with him five years of experience.  He is currently training with Officer Derek Faught and is excited to be in Fort Thomas.  There will also be new recruit training advertised in January 2017, with testing in February. "We're looking forward to developing a good list and moving on from there," said the Chief.

Council again touched on the issue of parking on Summit Drive.  Nancy McEntire had previously expressed eliminating parking to one side only from Avon to Grand Avenue.  City Administrator Ron Dill said, "If there is parking close to that corner and you're entering into Summit, there could be stacking issues.  The amount of on-street parking is limited, anyway." 

The consensus was to limit no parking to 60 feet, which doubles from 30 feet currently.

An update on the 2016 Street Assessment shows a cost of $6,660 under bid, which is not something that typically happens, according to Dill.  Gaddis Drive was apart of the 2016 street replacement program and also had a water main replacement. However, two days later after finishing the street repair, there was a failure in the water main valve which caused a break in the main, so the street will have to be re-milled in the spring.

Council discussed the new crosswalk component in front of Moyer.  It is hoped that if it is successful there, the state will be swayed to implement it in other locations, as well.  FTM will have more on this story.

Council discussed the possibility of a new music festival at Tower Park in the summer.  Fort Thomas Matters will have more in-depth coverage of this soon.

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Orders

Ordinance O-12-2016: Update for the City's Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual
Ordinance O-13-2016: Amendment to the Fort Thomas P.D. Policy and Procedure Manual
Municipal Order MO-10-2016: Appointing Roger Peterman to the OKI Board
Municipal Order MO-11-2016: Re-appointing Mike Federle to the Board of Ethics
Municipal Order MO-12-2016: Re-appointing Mark Leopold to the Tree Commission
Executive Order EO-15-2016: Re-appointing Brian Sand to the Renaissance Board
Executive Order EO-16-2016: Re-appointing Marcus Roth to the Renaissance Board
Executive Order EO-17-2016: Re-appointing Tracy Davis to the Renaissance Board
Executive Order EO-18-2016: Re-appointing Linda Slone to the Renaissance Board
Executive Order EO-19-2016: Appointing Wayne Dutle to the position of Police Officer

Council went into executive session to discuss the acquisition to the VA Homes.

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  1. Also, the Fire Department did receive a $130,000 grant for new SCBA equipment. Might want to note that!