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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fort Thomas Police Officer, Zac Rohlfer, Goes Above Call of Duty

It's been a pretty soggy few days.

We're approaching winter and our weather isn't supposed to be good, but it's always tough for me to get used to the cold and dark winter days.

Today, through the rainy weather, I saw something that made me smile.

Fort Thomas Police officer, Zac Rohlfer, was caught in a random act of kindness.

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Jennifer Hardin was dropping her son off at Woodfill Elementary this morning, when she caught this image of Rohlfer helping a little girl get to school safely.

"It was so sweet," said Hardin. "The little girl was already in tears because she was late and the light wasn't changing. He turned his lights on and blocked the intersection and walked her all the way inside."

Lt. Rich Whitford said he wasn't surprised when he heard of Zac's actions this morning.

"That's who Zac truly is," he said.

Sometimes it's just nice to hear little stories like this. Especially on a rainy, December day.