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Monday, December 5, 2016

Fort Thomas Residents Offer Program to Jumpstart Overall Wellness

Fort Thomas resident Diane Beach wants to help you jumpstart healthier living with Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program.

In addition to finding balance in her personal and professional life through Arbonne, Diane Walkenhorst Beach also has the joy of helping clients change their lives in positive ways.

For more than three decades Arbonne has offered vegan-certified beauty, healthy and wellness products via independent consultants. As an Arbonne independent consultant, Beach and the consultants on her team are considered the go-to people in Fort Thomas for Arbonne products.

While many clients regularly stock up on Energy Fizz Sticks and It's a Long Story Mascara, several Northern Kentucky residents have lost weight and improved their health immensely through Arbonne's highly successful 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program.

While many of us are indulging in holiday treats this month, we're also looking ahead to January, and the lifestyle changes we hope to make for overall better health. And while many programs exist, 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond offers a comprehensive solution for those who want to cleanse, embrace clean eating, exercise and stay accountable.

"I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle for many years," says Fort Thomas resident Stephanie Rottman. "This includes a regular exercise regimen, along with trying to eat healthy. Just like everyone else, I have periods where I am really on a roll, and then something happens, and I fall off the wagon. I was really stuck in a rut last summer, even though I maintained a five- to six-day workout schedule. I just wasn't feeling like I was running on all parts of my engine."

Rottman attended a 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond presentation at Fit Philsophie late last summer. "I felt that it was just the right timing for me to undertake the 30-day challenge," she says. "I was a bit skeptical that I could keep up the momentum, especially since we had a few events coming up, but Diane was very supportive with informative posts about Arbonne's nutrition and I decided to take the 30-day plunge." 

The program proved easy. "I started thinking that 30 days would be an eternity—but I'm still doing it," Rottman says. "It's so much easier than fixing meals, and the best thing is that the shakes are wonderful. There are so many delicious shake recipes that can be made utilizing the Arbonne protein mix and other supplements, and they are totally filling. After a workout, I come home, make a shake, and I'm satisfied for hours. There are seldom times when I am craving something that isn't so nutritious." 

On the rare occasion that Rottman wanted to go pantry surfing while on the 30-day cleanse, she said she would simply drink a bottle of water or brew a cup of Arbonne's Herbal Detox Tea. "Many times when we think we are hungry, we are really needing to hydrate, so we need to be intentionally focused on drinking water all through the day," she says. "This was one of my biggest challenges."

Since October 4, Rottman has lost 21 pounds and 19-1/2 inches. "This was not my major goal," she says. "I wanted to become healthier overall. My skin has improved, my mental disposition has improved, my energy is off the charts. My dental hygienist asked me what I was doing differently because she had never seen my oral health in such a good place. I told her that maybe retirement might have had something to do with it, but honestly, the only thing that has changed has been the clean eating and diet supplements that I have been using for the last two months."

Rottman is not alone.

"It was an easy type of cleansing," says Nancy Atkinson, a resident of Edgewood and registered nurse, who has done various cleanses. "I liked the idea of how it was 30 days. I think anybody can do anything for 30 days." Atkinson also noted that a lot of cleanses last for 10 days, which she believes isn't enough time to rid bad habits. One of her bad habits? Artificial sweeteners. But after 30 days on the Healthy Living and Beyond plan, not only did Atkinson drop artificial sweeteners from her diet, she also dropped 10 to 12 pounds. And more importantly, she physically felt better—most noticeably, fewer migraine headaches.

Although no longer on the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond plan, Atkinson still drinks one or two protein shakes a days, and uses Energy Fizz Sticks instead of drinking coffee and soda. "I'll continue to buy the products because they really make me feel better," Atkinson says. She adds that it's cost-effective, too, when you compare the cost of shakes to a Starbucks coffee every day. Another bonus? The simplicity of the shakes. "I'm a very busy person and when someone or something can simplify my life in little ways it just makes everything a lot easier." 

Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program offers a comprehensive kit to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

The 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program includes the following products:
• 2 bags of Protein Shake mix (one of each flavor or two of the same flavor)
• 2 boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks (one of each flavor or two of the same flavor)
• 1 Daily Fiber Boost
• 1 Digestion Plus
• 1 7-Day Body Cleanse
• 2 boxes of Herbal Detox Tea
• 1 Support Guide

In addition to all of this Beach and her team of consultants run private Facebook groups for those participating in the 30-day program, offering daily motivation, clean-eating recipes and coaching.

Once such private Facebook group has been a huge help to Fort Thomas resident Laura Hinegardner who participated in the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program, offered by her sister, Fort Thomas resident and Arbonne consultant Sarah Messmer.

"It takes 30 days to establish a healthy, fit lifestyle," Messmer says. "Any of these bad habits can be broken within the that time—the fast food, the caffeine, the alcohol, the processed food. With Arbonne, we have anything you would ever need to break those habits. It's just been a fantastic way for her to use the products, break those habits and get into a good, healthy lifestyle that makes you able to stick with it."

Jennifer Lynn, owner of Fit Philosophie and an Arbonne consultant, has seen first-hand how the program has affected the overall health of her clients.

"It has been wonderful to offer a very structured plan for my clients to follow," Lynn says. "The Arbonne 30 Days program is comprehensive and, most importantly, it encourages to eat! They provide an entire month of healthy and delicious recipes. I have been happy to become an Arbonne representative and offer this added value to my clients. I know we will continue to see more and more success as our clients continue with this plan. We have several comprehensive plans for new and existing clients. These plans merge nutrition and exercise together."

Rottman says she would recommend the program to anyone who wants to begin a regimen of clean eating. "This has been the easiest thing ever as far as preparation and planning for meals," Rottman says. "Diane has been so supportive and accommodating. I'm pretty sure that when she begins her next 30-day challenge, I'll be part of the group." 

(This post is sponsored by Arbonne Consultant Diane Beach, a member of Fort Thomas Matters Family. Thank you for shopping local and supporting the businesses that support Fort Thomas Matters.)

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