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Monday, December 12, 2016

Local Woman Thanks Good Samaritans

Archie (provided)

We often talk about how the sense of community in Fort Thomas is what makes it such a special place to live. You may not see it every day but it’s comforting to know that when your really need the community, that it’s there for you in your worst moments.

Loretta Race, who recently moved to the area, was walking on North Fort Thomas Avenue with her three dogs when tragically one of them, Archie, collapsed and passed away on the spot. She was distraught, as anyone would be.

Then two women did something that will reaffirm your faith in humanity.

“I was completely in shock and overwhelmed with emotion, when a car pulled over and a woman immediately got out and asked if I was ok and what she could do to help. Another woman who happened to be running by stopped and put her arm around my shoulder to comfort me while I just took in the situation and tried to make sense of what just happened.”

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One of the passers-by even walked Loretta’s other two dogs home, while the other waited with her for her husband to arrive.

“They just dropped what they were doing to help me, a complete stranger. It was a humbling situation.”

Having recently relocated to Fort Thomas, the community spirit of the two women helped prove to Loretta that she’d picked a great place to live, “To have the kindness of strangers in my time of need was so comforting and affirmed to me that my family and I made the right decision to move here.”

Although Loretta didn’t get the names of her good Samaritans, she has a particular message for them; “I just wanted to let them know that how they made me feel is priceless. I really want to extend my thanks to them”.

"I'd also like to acknowledge the enormously helpful staff at Fort Thomas Veterinary Hospital, as they were very responsive and empathetic in saying goodbye to Archie."

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  1. Dear Loretta; I was the woman who pulled over to help you. My husband had seen you as he drove by and was rushing home for a conference call and told me of your situation. As owners of 5 dogs, I rushed to see if I could help. I was happy to do so and am so very sorry for your loss! Heart breaking. I have been thinking of you and hoping your family and the other dogs are doing well! You are right, this is a great place to live! All the best to you! See you in the hood!