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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BREAKING: Polished Pearl Leaving Fort Thomas

Polished Pearl, located at 118 N. Fort Thomas Ave., is moving.

Polished Pearl, which serves as a design and sampling center for high-end beaded bags and accessories handmade by survivors of sex trafficking in India, is moving.

The company, which first began selling its wares online in 2012, opened a storefront at 118 N. Fort Thomas Ave. in the spring of 2015. (You can read the story of the company's founding here.)

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The storefront allowed folks from Polished Pearl to meet with clients and brides interested in custom pieces. Handmade items came from India and Moldova, and custom pieces were designed and sewn in-house. The storefront (known for its beautiful window displays) also was open for rentals.

A Polished Pearl window display December 2015.

"We had a great experience renting from Eric Luktenhoff and being in Fort Thomas, but we have outgrown this location," says Nicole Robyn, Polished Pearl's CEO. "In spring of this year we will be launching custom bridal gowns and need more space for design. Thus we will be shifting our design and sampling to downtown Sharonville and will be starting to work with brides and doing local trunk shows in May."


  1. Honestly never saw them open. There was a moms group that wanted this space that would have been great, but the city steered them towards this business for some reason.

  2. Oh my goodness! How dare they! How on Earth could the rehabilitation, restoration and freedom of learned trade in victims of sex trafficking take precedent over such a novel suggestion of a "moms group". Golly, next time you should raise some stink.