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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

City of Fort Thomas Acquires Property on Montvale Ct.

The City of Fort Thomas just bought this house on Montvale Ct. FTM file. 
At the end of the first city council meeting of the year, which saw new council members David Cameron and John Slawter take their oaths of office, along with incumbents Lisa Kelly, Jeff Bezold and Ken Bowman, council retreated to executive session to talk about the acquisition of new property.

Executive sessions are closed door meetings that are not open to the public. There are limited reasons council is allowed to close the door to public, but real estate acquisition talk falls into that category.

The new Fort Thomas City Council. Bowman, Kelly, Bezold, Cameron and Slawter. Councilman Roger Peterman was absent. FTM file. 
This has not been anomalous as of late, with the talk of the purchase of the VA Homes in Tower Park being a focal issue of council.

But after a ten-minute session, where most of the council spectators had long been gone, Mayor Eric Haas announced that the city had signed an agreement to purchase 17 Montvale Ct. for $126,850.

There are two tenants in the property currently that have a lease until April 1, 2017. The current property owner has recently deceased and the property is being sold as part of their estate. City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill, said there was interest in selling the property to the city by that owner years ago.

"The property is integral to a portion of shared parking that is behind all the businesses on North Fort Thomas Avenue," he said. "It was discussed as an acquisition when we did comprehensive planning the last two times and was part of the discussion during Fort Thomas Forward around 2002 to get secondary access to the parking area."

For more perspective, 17 Montvale Ct. is next to the U.S. Post Office parking lot, on the corner of S. Fort Thomas Avenue. A look through the leafless trees in the back gives you a view of the back parking lot of The Hiland Building, recently purchased by Dan Gorman of United Property Group and Fort Thomas businessman, David Hosea.

The side yard of 17 Montvale. Through the trees you can see the water tower behind  the city building and the back parking lot of The Hiland Building, which could provide more access to the property and Miller Lane.  FTM file. 
"The other benefit is that there is possible connectivity all the way over to Miller Avenue in the event that North Fort Thomas Avenue was closed down.  With all the future planning that we are having, this could be a very strategic part to some of the connectivity we've talked about," said Councilman Bowman.

So will the city become a landlord to two tenants who would live in this duplex or will the city make a strategic move of demolishing the house to create a thoroughfare to open up more parking?

Council's decision on what to do with the property will center around current use versus potential use, said Dill.

"As plans develop for any improvements within anything in the Central Business District it could be a good piece of land to have. It could open up secondary access, emergency access or combine with other surrounding properties to consolidate the availability for access," he said.

More on this story as it develops.


  1. When is the Council going to decide to repave Waterworks road?? It has so many potholes and rough spots that cars can't handle it.

    1. Read the latest council roundup. Some info there on that.