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Friday, January 6, 2017

Fort Thomas Celebrated 100 Years in 1967

Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 
The Kenton Co. Library’s online historic photo album, Faces and Places, just added the 100,000th photo to its database. This online album was created when the history staff at the Kenton County Public Library began digitizing some of its resources. They were digitizing documents and family files so that genealogy researchers around the world could obtain the information they needed without having to incur the cost of travel expenses. The staff then added photos to the mix, therefore creating Faces and Places.

The popularity of the photograph collection easily lent itself to a digital format.

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There are many pictures from the 1967 100th Anniversary Celebration in Fort Thomas. This year, the city will be celebrating their 150th Anniversary of their incorporation.

Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 

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Centennial Parade. This picture depicts the last two hangings in Campbell County, the convicted killers of Pearl Bryan. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 

Joseph Fitzsimmons and Mrs. Russell Anderson volunteer workers for Fort Thomas Centennial. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 
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Centennial Parade. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 
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Centennial Queen and court. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 

Centennial Queen Bunny Wight on Campbell County Chamber of Commerce Float. Court - Donna Jo Dudderer, Pam Kuhnhein, Laura Pogue. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 

Fort Thomas mailmen L-R: Willis Hatton, Louis DeJaco, James Bryant and Dale Gibson with beards grown for Fort Thomas centennial. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 

Ned Breathitt at Fort Thomas Centennial. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 
Donna Jo Dudderar, finalist for Fort Thomas Centennial Queen. Courtesy Kenton Co. Library. 


  1. It would be interesting to know if the pictures from the Kenton Co. Public Library of Ft. Thomas were a result of my father Paul J. Kirst who was a professional photographer in Fort Thomas. I believe he donated many photos of historical Ft. Thomas over the years. He has since passed back in Feb. of 2002. It would be nice to see him have created for his photographs. Thanks.

  2. We would love to bring back a lot of what happened at the 100th Celebration! Please tell us your stories! I would love to add to our events for the week long celebration!!