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Friday, January 20, 2017

Story Matters Part IV Recap | Video

Story Matters Part IV was held January 19, 2017 at Fort Thomas Coffee. The next event will be March 16. 
“By your stories you shall be known.” 

If you ever want to understand someone, listen to his or her stories. The same applies to Fort Thomas. If you really want to understand Fort Thomas then listen to its stories. And that motivated us at Fort Thomas Matters to create "Story Matters."

Telling stories gives structure, meaning, and purpose to the events, places, and people around us. Stories help to shape the past so we can understand our present so we can move into the future.  By tapping into the collective wisdom and experiences of the community, we make the community a better place by understanding the people in it. 

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Stories create a sense of community.

Last night was the fourth installment of Story Matters, held at Fort Thomas Coffee. Crowds begin to grow, last night's event was standing room only. If you'd like to tell your tale, contact Chuck Keller or Mark Collier.

The next event is March 16 at Fort Thomas Coffee.

Last night's video was live streamed on Fort Thomas Matters Facebook page. That video is below, with speakers' bookmarks:

Ashley Tongret: 3:31
Trevor Steinhauser: 18:11
Andy Eckerle: 30:10
Zach Wells: 54:33
Mike Lehrter: 1:07:19
Dr. Sarah Eilerman-Weinel: 1:16:59

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