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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sullivan University Offering Conflict Management Courses

Classes Focus on Communication, Cooperations  

Sullivan University's Center for Learning-Northern Kentucky is offering an 11-week course in helping government employees and others deal with the public through communication, cooperation and conflict management.

"Let's face it, dealing with the public is increasingly difficult," said Dr. Vicki Berling, the executive director of the Sullivan University Center for Learning-Northern Kentucky. "Time is tight, and stress is high, leaving little opportunity to truly communicate and connect with people. Even the most service-oriented employees can find themselves in conflict with the people they are trying to help. It's a growing problem public organizations must address."

Sullivan's hard-hitting, skills-building class will teach those who regularly deal with the public how to lead through communication, cooperation and conflict management while identifying their personal communication and conflict-management styles. Students will also learn:

Basic theories of communication
Productive ways to identify conflict before it even occurs
How some conflict can be good in team-building
Models and best practices for analyzing and managing disputes
The role of anger, gender, culture, power and forgiveness in relationships
Good listening skills - essential for true communication This is an advertisement. 
Fort Mitchell City Administrator Sharmili Reddy said she would recommend the program, adding the classes "would be beneficial for employees at all levels of an organization whether you are internally focused or externally focused."

"Conflict management is a necessary skill for almost any job at any level and would help organizations function at a higher level," Reddy said. "Local government is a sector that is completely service based and involves predominantly dealing with the general public. This often means we are in situations of conflict where emotions are high and strong. It is one thing to learn from experience and grow but programs like those offered by Sullivan can provide employees with the tools necessary to effectively recognize and manage that conflict."

The 11-week hybrid class will meet primarily online with some onsite class meetings at the Sullivan University Center for Learning-Northern Kentucky on Grandview Drive in Fort Mitchell. Employees who work in federal, state, county and local government offices including police and fire departments can take the course at a special discounted rate of $1,200.

Classes run from March 28 to June 6. For more information about the schedule, please contact the Center for Learning.

"Offering at least some portions of the course online would make it convenient for busy professionals," Reddy said. "We have employees that work very different shifts and having some flexibility to take the course online would make it more enticing."

Upon on successful completion of the course, participants will earn four quarter hours of college credit in Principles of Conflict Management (CMM) 401 from Sullivan University that can be applied toward several academic programs.

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