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Monday, January 30, 2017

Take a 1993 Tour from Highland Heights to Alexandria

Screenshot of the YouTube video below, published by mrbiplane4. FTM file. 
Talk about a nostalgia.

From the Long John Silver's on Alexandria Pike in Fort Thomas to the Hardee's in Highland Heights to the baron undeveloped plats in Cold Spring, this video will take you back.

Video shot in 1993 by Tony Painter starts out in Cold Spring on Martha Layne Collins Blvd., turning left to head north on US-27.

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Painter, who is using a large handheld camera, is being driven in a car by Brian Williams. He follows a brand new red 1993 Toyota Tercel. "That is a new car in front of us so in 20 years you'll see these all rusted up laying in garages," says Painter.

The video shows the transformation of Campbell County south.

A right on Alexandria Pike and over the bridge over I-471 towards Fort Thomas, before pulling around and heading toward downtown Alexandria, you can hear Meatloaf on Q102 singing his new hit "I Would Do Anything For Love," off his album "Bat Out of Hell."

The 22-minute tour is broken down into different cities below. Enjoy!

First is Highland Heights, Cold Spring 4:28, Alexandria 9:10, soon to be Campbell County High School 16:00, Main Street 17:45, Brossart High School 18:45.

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  1. I used to run the Lees Famous Recipe til the state took it