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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Highlands Softball Field Vandalized Again

Cameras may be discussed after latest vandalism incident at Winkler Field

Contributed Photo. Vandals painted graffiti on the back wall, ceiling and bench overnight in the home dugout at Winkler Field.
The Highlands Softball Field, also known as The Bird Cage. has come to be as a result of the Fort Thomas community's desire to see the Highlands Ladybird softball team succeed.

But unfortunately, the Winkler Field gem has been the target of vandalism since it first opened in 2014. This week, vandals sprayed black graffiti on the home side dugout's back wall, ceiling and bench overnight.

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The field has been locked up since the park opened. But the dugouts, storage and batting cages have not had that luxury because there has not enough funds. That will change after this latest incident, however,  when 10-foot fences will be erected.

Highlands Coach Rob Coffey said $8,000 was raised to install the new fence.

"Way too many people think they are entitled to use (Winkler Field) just because they pay taxes and don't think they should ask permission to use it," said Mick Abner, father of Highlands junior Maleah Abner who has pitched in a lot with fund raising the facility. "(We may) go up (Wednesday) and take some pictures of them installing the new fence to help educate people that we know what's going on."

The city installed some more lighting on the field when vandalism struck a few years ago. Coffey also said the community talked about putting cameras in, but did not act on it because they felt like the first incident would just be a rare occurrence. But cameras could be discussed now.

"I know it's probably kids and they're not thinking about the repercussions," Coffey said. "But these are things that cost people money, cost people time. I know the team is upset. They saw pictures go around (Tuesday). They take a lot of pride in their home field."

Someone also stole the Bird Cage Welcome sign in center field at one point. But it was returned.


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