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Friday, February 10, 2017

Anointed Touch Massage Announces New Services

The local business community is essential to the overall health and vibrancy of Fort Thomas.  That’s why it is great to see so many thriving businesses both new and old to our city and to see many of those businesses expand.  One such business, Anointed Touch Massage (owned by Tiffany Maple) recently moved to a new building on Highland Avenue and has now begun to offer even more services to the clientele.  In the below exclusive interview with FTM, Maple announces her new services, discusses her ongoing massage membership, and her relationship with Cincinnati’s professional soccer team, FC Cincinnati.

FTM: Why did you decide to start using Essential Oils in your massages and do you use these oils personally?

Maple: I was introduced to essential oils from a couple different close friends and I have to say, I was skeptical at first. It seems counterintuitive to believe that something from a flower or a plant can help as much as modern day medicine can, but that has been my experience. (Traditional) medicines are loaded with chemicals that are toxic to our bodies. They have a high success rate of fixing the illness/disease but they have an even higher success rate of causing more problems! Therefore, I turned to essential oils and have not looked back.

I had an injury to my wrist a few weeks ago and I was panicked because without my wrist, I can't work. So, I did what I would recommend my clients to do: I went to the chiropractor, I utilized massage techniques to release my muscles and I put essential oils over the affected area 3-4x a day. I was better in a matter of days and the problem was resolved, not masked by pain medicine. Could I have taken Advil and blocked the pain but not solved the underlying problem? Sure. Instead, I chose to support my body's natural healing process and modify my work so as not to rely on chemicals that can hurt me. I am in no way attempting to prescribe essential oils as a medicine; that is way out of my scope of practice.  I am also not judging anyone for how they deal with the pain and illness in their life; I am merely trying to offer an alternative. I always recommend you do your own research and speak with your physician before trying anything new!

Young Living Oils

Why did you pick Young Living (the brand of oils used by Anointed Touch) since there are so many out there?

I went with YL because that is what the people that introduced me to essential oils used. After researching the company though, I felt even better about using their products. I trust that they use the best of ingredients and extract them in a way that does not damage the product. And they will not add fillers or dilute the product. Some companies do because it is easier and cheaper so you need to make sure that you check out whatever company you are using.

What benefits do you hope you can bring to your clients with essential oils?

I hope to be able to introduce some clients to essential oils for the first time as well as give those clients that already use essential oils a way to combine them with their massage. Using essential oils in a massage is so beneficial because during a massage, blood is brought closer to the surface and circulation is increased in the body so the oils can be absorbed more readily into your system making them more effective. However, to make the oils the most effective, they should be used on a regular basis in your home. I will not keep an inventory of oils for purchase; however, I can assist my clients in ordering essential oils for themselves.

How much is a standard massage and how much is the increase for a massage with essential oils? 

A one-hour massage is $70 and prices for the upgrades range from $12 to $18. Different oils cost different amounts (one of the oils is upwards of $90 for a 15mL bottle!) so the prices for the packages reflect that varying cost.

Do you offer any deals or memberships for regular clients?
Yes. Monthly memberships are $55 per month and include one one-hour session per month.  There are some other benefits to the monthly membership so please look at my website or give me a call.

Do you still work with FC Cincinnati and will you be using these oils for the athletes?
Yes.  Anointed Touch Massage is still the exclusive massage provider for FC Cincinnati and I will be using essential oils on the team to help recover overworked muscles and other issues that might pop up during the season based on need.

For more information on this Fort Thomas-owned business that is expanding its services, visit Anointed Touch Massage’s website.  Become a massage member- you will not regret it!

New Location:  654 Highland Ave #17, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

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