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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Battling Heroin in Fort Thomas | Where Are They From?

Police incident reports data shows an increase in all drug related incidents over the last five years. In 2015, there were 7,216 incidents with 66.3% being drug related; heroin was involved in 23.1% of drug-related incidents. In 2011, one in ten drug incidents involved opioids; in 2015, one in four drug incidents were opioid related (3).

Fort Thomas Matters is committed to shining a light on the fight against heroin in our community. To that end, we will be highlighting information that we have obtained that demonstrates who is being arrested in the community, where they are from, what they are being arrested for and with.

We will look for trends before culminating the coverage into a podcast, where we'll discuss the trends with local law enforcement.

The first part of this series, which we are titling Battling Heroin in Fort Thomas, will look at how many individuals have been arrested and where they are from.

As expected with the introduction of a heroin-only detail aligned on the interstates surrounding Fort Thomas known as the Heroin-Interdiction-Team (H.I.T.), heroin-related arrests were up.

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There were 111 total arrests in 2016, up 28% from 2015.

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Looking into the numbers, 58% of those arrested were either from Cincinnati or other cities in Ohio.

In February of 2016, Campbell County Prosecutors tried and successful convicted Donald Redd of Cincinnati for two charges of Importing Heroin and Trafficking in a Controlled Substance. Because of increased penalties in Senate Bill 192, passed by the Kentucky legislature in 2015, the jury was able to up the penalties under the new "Importing Heroin" charge and gave Redd 10 years to serve.

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Fort Thomas Police Officer, Brandon Laffin, originally stopped Redd on I-471, as part of the H.I.T. detail.

Of the 111 heroin-related arrests in 2016, three individuals resided in Fort Thomas.

The rest of the statistics that show the residence of the suspect arrested are below:
Alexandria - 3
Bellevue - 1
Dayton - 1
Fort Thomas - 3
Highland Heights - 1
Melbourne - 1
Newport - 8
Southgate - 3
Wilder - 1
Butler, Falmouth, Maysville - 3
Covington - 6
All Other Cities in Kenton Co. - 2
Boone County - 3
All Other Cities in Kentucky - 8
Cincinnati - 17
All Other Cities in Ohio - 47
All Other States - 2
Homeless or Unknown - 1

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