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Monday, February 6, 2017

Gov. Bevin Appoints Fort Thomas Woman To Kentucky Commission on Women

Sarah Cameron. 
Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed Sarah Cameron, of Fort Thomas, to the Kentucky Commission on Women.

Cameron, who is the spouse of Fort Thomas City Councilman, David Cameron, will have a term expiring on January 17, 2021. She is an attorney with Dinsmore and Shohl as a member of their Commercial Litigation Practice Group.

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Bevin has also made the following appointments to the commissions:

Krista Amy Fennel, Brenda Lee Gluck, Miranda Leigh Aavatsmark, Greta Greenwade Jones, and Danette J. Wilder have been appointed to the Kentucky Commission on Women.

Krista Amy Fennel, of Paducah, shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 17, 2021.

Brenda Lee Gluck, of Foster, shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 17, 2021.

Miranda Leigh Aavatsmark, of Lexington, shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 17, 2021.

Greta Greenwade Jones, of Hopkinsville, has been reappointed and shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 17, 2021.

Danette J. Wilder, of Lexington, who is serving a term expiring Jan. 17, 2020, shall serve as chairperson of the commission.

The Kentucky Commission on Women is dedicated to elevating the status of women and girls in the Commonwealth, empowering them to overcome barriers to equity and expanding opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

The group is mandated to promote, encourage and provide advisory assistance in the establishment of local volunteer community improvement programs for, and in the interest of, women. It also consults with the Governor on important women’s issues.


  1. All women on the board??? If an all male board was appointed (doesn't matter the board, just pick one), the left wingers would be screaming.

    1. Umm, men are vastly overrepresented in KY governance, look at the General assembly: both chambers are over 80% male even though there are more women than men in KY.
      (source: Demographics.pdf)

      Also, all male boards/commissions are not rare... Pick some random ones from the 10 page list of KY boards and commissions:
      The 1st page has (at least) one all-male commission, "Airport Zoning Commission"

      But I'm not gonna be distracted by your Alt-Facts. Complaining about too many women in governance is a common way to try to get an even stronger imbalance of men in leadership positions. It's clear here that you, ridiculously, want some men to be authorities on how to empower women...

  2. It's astounding that the Kentucky Commission on Women is dedicated to "empowering them to overcome barriers to equity," rather than, say, breaking down those barriers. I guess it's great that the state recognizes structural and systemic barriers to gender equity & equality, but the commission mission statement leaves the barriers in place. Feminists, activists, and scholars have documented official laws, policies, and practices that systematically advantage men and it would be great to change those. Unfortunately, the commission's purpose is inadequate, on its face, to substantially changing gender inequality's benefits to men.