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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Renovations Are Underway at Midway Properties

1011 and 1013 S. Fort Thomas Avenue. Chris Reid photo
Last month we told you about the Midway properties that were recently purchased by Fort Thomas residents, Kyle Stevie and Chris Reid. You may have noticed that renovations are well underway.

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Reid, owner of Start to Finish Construction says it has been a task. He estimates they removed 80,000 pounds of debris from the properties before tearing everything down to the studs.

According to Reid, 1011 was once a laundromat and a voter polling place in the 1930s, and 1013 was a billiards room.

1011 and 1013 S. Ft. Thomas Ave. in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Debbie Buckley
Renaissance Coordinator and Economic Development Director Debbie Buckley added that 1011 was once a second post office for the city and was built around 1930. She said that 1013 was built in 1905 and was Sattler's grocery also. Both buildings are on the historic register.

In addition to making the second floor apartments, right now the goal is to finish the outside walls and add restrooms in the downstairs spaces. In commercial real estate this is known as making a "white box" - an unfinished interior that does not include interior walls (other than code required restrooms), wall coverings, paint, flooring, plumbing fixtures, upgraded electrical fixtures and upgraded code required restroom fixtures. A white box is ready for tenant improvements which are to be completed once the lease agreement has been negotiated and executed.

The projected finish date is sometime between Memorial Day and July 4. Reid and Stevie are in the negotiation phase of what will happen next. The spaces will be leased out to business owners, but nothing has been finalized as of yet.

Once low-rent apartments, the properties sat untouched for years. Chris Reid photo

The vacant apartments became places for crime, vandalism and seedy living conditions. Chris Reid photo
Although the properties were most recently residential, Reid and Stevie have been approved to turn the properties back to their original zoned commercial status after some development plans. Chris Reid photo
Inside, things are looking much different downstairs at 1011. FTM file
The original brick is now exposed as well as the original windows which will be restored. FTM file
A new deck will replace this screened-in porch at 1011 S. Ft. Thomas Ave. FTM file

The second floor of 1011 will be two apartments. FTM file
You would not believe the transformation happening inside at 1013. FTM file
Inside 1013 S. Ft. Thomas Ave. FTM file

Also inside 1013. It is much larger than it appears from the outside. FTM file
The back room at 1013 where two bathrooms will be added. FTM file

"I consider this restoration project one of the most important for our business districts. We have waited a very long time to create this type of retail space and upper level housing in the Midway, commented Buckley.

The buildings had fallen into such disrepair that many were afraid they were beyond hope. Historic preservation revives not only the buildings but our memories and our dreams."


  1. Wow! Looks great and I can't wait to see the finished buildings. Hopefully they will add the awnings back on.

  2. So glad that someone finally is taking an interest to these awful buildings. Thank you!