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Monday, February 20, 2017

Studio Root Skin Care | Skin Care Northern Kentucky | Brow Shaping Northern Kentucky

Studio Root Skin Care is part of the FTM Family. 
Tami Root is one of the area's most sought-after estheticians. With more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry she has twice been voted "Best of the City" by Cincinnati Magazine for her spa services. 

Tami has spent years studying skin care and has developed a fun and easy way of classifying skin types. In addition to customized treatments, Tami takes the time to educate clients, teaching everyone from pre-teens to older adults on how to properly care for their skin. Tami's approach has earned her the admiration and loyalty of longtime clients—women and men—many of whom she now calls friends.

Testimonials of Two Local Clients:

"Over a series of months Tami completely rehabbed my brows. With careful measurements she determined the best shape for my face and patiently worked with them over time until they became the bold brow I've long wanted. Her dermaplaning treatments transform my face, leaving it smooth, bright and hair-free. Her facials are a dream to experience and her home-care maintenance tips have proven priceless." —Kara Uhl

Like most women, I've wasted quite a bit of time and money on anti-aging products. You stare at the rows upon rows of products, hoping by chance you pick the regiment that is best suited to your skin type. Most of us don't even know our actual skin type. I just knew mine was aging. By chance, I spoke with a friend who recommended Tami Root. I have been a loyal and very satisfied customer for almost two years now. 

When people tell me I have beautiful skin I smile and don't hesitate to endorse Tami's products and services. She very professionally assesses your needs and very simply explains to you how to achieve your goals of younger, glowing skin. I look forward to the pampering facial and especially love the hot stone massage! I was a bit uneasy at first about the dermaplaning procedure but can't believe how smooth and radiant my skin looks after the treatment. My moisturizer and make up glide on my skin. To top it off, Tami has been shaping my brows and for the first time in my life, I have perfectly matched arched brows!” —Jennifer Jones

During your visit we will determine your skin care classification by comparing your skin to apples, oranges, and pears. Your facial hair will be compared to kiwis, coconuts, and pineapples. If you are an apple, typically your pores do not clog. Pears have sensitive skin. Oranges and Coconuts need more frequent visits than Apples and Kiwis. Pineapples are better suited to laser hair removal methods. Take-home cards detailing your classification will instruct you on proper home care and recommended visit frequency.

Anti-Aging Treatments  $75 Exfoliation 60 minutes
Vacuuming the skin gives a deep dermal massage. Microdermabrasion whisks away dry skin using kinetic force on the skin’s surface to trigger production of collagen and elastin. Skin is rejuvenated with a collagen mask and toned with high frequency current. Mask & Stones.

Enzyme Peel Treatments $75 Radiance 60 minutes
Steam softens the skin. Oil & Stones lubricate the surface of the pore. The enzyme peel separates dry skin layers that promote clogging and reduce radiance. Clogs are removed in three gentle stages. Mask & Stones.

Dermaplaning Treatments $75 Fine Hair Reduction 60 minutes
Removes the fine downy hairs on your face and neck. A dermaguard removes the hair and then a scalpel gives the skin a smooth finish by removing dry skin. Mask & Stones. 

Brow Shaping Treatments $25 Waxing & Tweezing 30 minutes
Measurements are taken to create a full, bold brow that is in proportion with your face. Tweezing and shaving is the preferred removal method because it is better for the delicate eye area, but waxing is more appropriate for some brows. Serum & Stones. 

Brow Shaping is not included with any face treatment, so please add this to your reservation.

Seasonal Special Price Varies

Each season we offer a specially curated combination of treatments that improve the seasonal changes that happen to your skin. Call (441-6500) or visit our Facebook page for details.

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