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Friday, March 10, 2017

Fort Thomas Real Estate | Fort Thomas Lot For Sale

The lot to the left is for sale right now. Call Rob Beimesche to see it. 859-240-3219. 
It's no secret that the Fort Thomas real estate market is as hot as it's ever been.

"I was raised in Fort Thomas and I've been a realtor for 14 years. I can never remember the market being as competitive as this," said Rob Beimesche, realtor for Huff Realty.

Beimesche said he's got a lot in the Johnson school district within walking distance to Highlands.

"It's truly a hidden treasure at 101 Taylor Avenue that is over a third of an acre," he said of the property.

The shaded "P" to the left of the picture is the lot that is for sale. 

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"When I talk to my clients they are always saying that in the current market there are not enough bathrooms, rooms are too small, not enough bathrooms, they have leaky basements,  you don't get closets and rarely do you get open concepts," he said.

There are very few places to build in Fort Thomas right now.

"A new build will give you updated features, mechanics, the things that the market desires," he said.

Picture this:

A long driveway leading to your brand new house that's surrounded by woods and that gives you the privacy that many desire.  Pick your own builder and build it to your specifications.

The price of the lot is $90,000. Call Rob Beimesche at 859-240-3219.


Rob Beimesche of Huff Realty is part of the #FTMFamily. 

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