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Monday, March 27, 2017

Healthcast to Launch in Fort Thomas

Heathcast, a recent graduate of Covington’s UpTech tech accelerator, is launching in Fort Thomas.

Healthcast monitors your health environment, from hyper-local conditions to international outbreaks. The service is completely anonymous, and by aggregating user’s inputs, it also gives everyone a picture of what is going around the community. Results are benchmarked against public health data.

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“We want to give people relevant care advice,” says Dr. Glenn Lawyer, one of the founders.

“Searching on Google is just so frustrating, it’s hard to sort through all the information.” Healthcast solves this by focusing on common conditions, not cancer or rare diseases. It also helps answer real questions, such as “when is this serious enough to be worth the co-pay?”

You can try it here.

Healthcast’s next growth stage will focus on social media integrations, while keeping privacy and user control of data at the center. Healthcast’s will add an anonymizing layer to protect everyone’s privacy, while still letting you see what conditions are active in the social groups you are connected to.

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