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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Northern Kentucky Lawn Care | Yard Sharks | Tree Maintenance Northern Kentucky

The Tower Park Trail Shark. FTM file. 
By Rafe Fowee

Owner, Yard Sharks LLC, a Fort Thomas-based landscaping company. Yard Sharks is part of the #FTMFamily 

Fort Thomas is a beautiful, historic town with many mature tree–lined streets. While this is certainly beautiful to the eye and healthy trees are an asset to nature, these older trees can sometimes pose a dangerous threat to houses, vehicles, outbuildings, fences, and even people or pets in our community.

As we move into the spring, the frequency of storms and strong winds increase, which we have already seen this year. These storms can wreak havoc for homeowners. Yard Sharks has removed trees off of sheds, driveways, and even houses, after they have caused much damage following a storm. Most of these incidents can be prevented.

Owner, Rafe Fowee. Call him today at 859-640-9308.
A tree often has tell-tale signs of weakness or disease, such as splitting or cracks in the bark,  dark spots on tree branches where they split off from the trunk or other branches, or crowning (trees that have a lean,  resulting in the ground bulging on the opposing side of the lean). There are also more obvious signs of distress in trees, such as various limbs or an entire tree that won’t produce leaves. This is called dead wood. Any trees with weakness or disease can pose a serious threat.

Yard Sharks can take a look at your yard to help you identify any potentially hazardous trees, and we can discuss a plan to have these issues taken care of. You can save money, time, inconvenience, and damage to your property by allowing us to help you look for some of these warning signs now.

Yard Sharks consists of a highly skilled tree service crew, with each team member having a minimum of 10 years of experience in the tree industry. In addition to having a highly skilled team, we use reliable and up-to-date equipment, including rigging gear, lifts, bobcats, stump grinders, cranes, and more. We offer free consultations for any size tree job, big or small.

The positive feedback and support that we have received from the Fort Thomas community has encouraged us to continue to provide top-notch service for this upcoming season and many more years to come.  We are excited for the opportunity to serve this wonderful historic community once again.

Rafe Fowee was raised in Fort Thomas since the age of five. He attended Johnson Elementary School and Highlands Middle and High School and began working in the tree care and removal industry shortly after high school. 

He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, but his true passion is working in the outdoors, and he started Yard Sharks, LLC, out of Fort Thomas.  

Says Fowee, "I am excited about the opportunity to provide lawn care and tree service to fellow residents of this historically beautiful town."

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