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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Patrick Casey - Fort Thomas Legend - Gone Too Soon

Patrick Casey - World Traveler, Famous Story Teller, International Bullshitter

Patrick James Casey was born on July 27, 1959 in Galway, Ireland. The youngest of six, Patrick was raised by whom he often and lovingly referred to as a peasant Irish family. His dream was to one day come to America.

Patrick with his mother, Alice.
As a teen living in Birmingham, England, Patrick was a talented musician who loved to play the guitar. He was in a punk band and was a session musician filling in for members of several bands. He once was contracted by an English radio station to play guitar on commercials. And, I'm sure you have heard a time or two about how he played with The Kinks or with the band who became Dexy's Midnight Runners and hit fame with their one-hit wonder, "Come On Eileen," shortly after Pat's departure.

In the early 70s, Patrick was in a punk rock band called the MP's.
Patrick said he was happy to have the opportunity to play music with a lot of talented musicians before it was time to get a real job.

That real job came when he landed an engineering job with Motorola, an American-based, multinational telecommunications company. This gave Patrick the opportunity to travel the globe many times over.

He worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, Lebanon, India, Taiwan, Egypt, Spain and Mexico to name only a few - having many adventures and experiencing things that would make for great stories for years to come.

While in Beirut, Lebanon in 1995, Patrick was visiting Henry J. Bean's, an American restaurant similar to the Hard Rock Cafe, where he met a young Joanna. In true Patrick fashion, he told her a story about a monkey driving a bus in Hong Kong. They were married the following year.

When Patrick proposed to Joanna he told her he had a dentist appointment on Wednesday but was free on Thursday if she could marry him.
In 1998, Joanna and Patrick welcomed their son, Jazzeiro "Jazz" - the apple of Patrick's eye.

Patrick was a great father who cared so much about Jazz and his education. One of the reasons he loved Fort Thomas was because of the good school system. Jazz, 18, is now a freshman at Xavier University.

Patrick and Jazz
The Caseys
After leaving Motorola, Patrick became a contractor for several telecommunications companies like Ericsson, Multipoint Wireless and Cincinnati Bell which finally brought him to the United States in 2001. His first stop was Houston, then Chicago, Cincinnati, California and Washington, D.C.  It was there he decided to soon retire and open a bar, another dream he always had.

In 2004, the Caseys settled in Fort Thomas, a place Patrick loved and where he said he would never leave.

After six years, Patrick fulfilled his American dream and bought Fort Thomas Pizza in 2010. He also owned the Nevada Building next door. On December 14, 2014, he fulfilled another lifelong dream and became a U.S. Citizen - an event Jazz calls the apex of his father's life.

Despite being a full-blooded Irishman, Patrick said America was the greatest country. He was the epitome of the American dream.
Last December Patrick bought the Cottage in Southgate, renaming it the Sit 'n Bull.

This past Thursday, March 2, Patrick Casey left us. He was 57 years old but lived a hundred lifetimes.

At Fort Thomas Pizza and the Bull, Patrick was more than an owner and a boss, he was a dear friend, a father figure, a neighbor and one of the greatest men a lot of us have known. He was witty, eloquent, intelligent and a shrewd, ambitious businessman who only saw the goodness in every person he met.
Patrick, Brian Wayson and Pat's brother Michael "Henry" Casey at Fort Thomas Pizza where friends were family.

An employee said Patrick helped him and trusted him with so much when not many others would. He said Patrick saved his life, always had amazing advice and helped him become a better man.

A man's true character can be measured by the impact he has on others, and it is a true testament that a whole town has come to mourn the passing of this man.

It did not matter if you knew Patrick a day, a year or a lifetime, he made you feel special. He never met a stranger, and he always wanted to know how you were doing.

He created a family among his staff and patrons. He brought people together. He was clever with his nicknames he donned on regulars and his staff. Patrick was an entertaining karaoke singer with an eclectic taste in music and a knack for bar tricks. He was a huge lover of dogs and owned Heir of the Dog Grooming in Fort Thomas.

Patrick was stubborn, sarcastic and opinionated too, but never pompous. He was a teacher and a leader. He believed in people.

Patrick was generous and charitable, selfless with an overwhelming compassion for others, always willing to lend a hand. He was a pillar of this community who has left a legacy in this town.

Patrick was preceded in death by his mother, Alice (Byrne) Casey and father, John Casey. Patrick is survived by his wife, Joanna (Feghali) Casey; his son, Jazzeiro "Jazz" Casey; his brothers, Michael Casey and David Casey; sisters, Evelyn Omilianczyk, Maureen Leonard and Jean Jones; and his beloved dogs and companions, Ace and Beau Geste. Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10:00 am Saturday, March 11, 2017 at St. Thomas Church. Burial will be in St. Stephen Cemetery in Fort Thomas.

Patrick touched so many lives of those around him. We will never forget his wonderful smile, dirty jokes, amazing and crazy stories of which we are still left wondering which are true or not.

Patrick Casey will be greatly missed.


  1. So beautifully written Jen. Gone way too soon. He is so greatly missed.

  2. What a nice tribute and story. Patrick was all that you said and more.

  3. Our deepest sympathy for family and friends.

  4. Very very nicely done Jen. You really captured the spirit of Patrick.

  5. Beautiful tribute Jen. RIP Patrick ❤

  6. Beautiful tribut Jen. RIP Patrick

  7. Patrick was a great guy and one of a kind.People like him make the world a more interesting place.

  8. thank you for writing such a fitting tribute that truly captured the spirit of Patrick. Glad that we got to cross paths on this journey called life.
    Prayers of comfort to Joanna and Jazz. RIP Patrick.

  9. I knew Patrick (WE knew him as Pete),from about 1976/'77 on wards,in Sheldon, Birmingham England we played in a couple of bands together, He was a fantastic guy & NEVER had a bad word to say about anyone, he could be sarcastic but only in a funny way, not malicious, we lost touch about 1980 ish, probably about the time he started his travels I guess, He will be sadly missed by every one, & I'm Honoured & Humbled to have him in my life although only for a short time R.I.P. Pete God Bless. Dave Nash .

    1. Thanks form those kind words Dave - I trust you are keeping well?
      Do you remember our half arsed songs we used to make?
      Ironically I do remember us trying to do "Knocking on heavens door" They were happy times and we never took anything seriously..

  10. Like 👍 Dave Nash i knew him as Pete we were drinking mates god rest. From Jeff Campbell

    1. As with Dave, many thanks for your kind words Jeff.