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Saturday, April 15, 2017

April the Giraffe Live Steam: Famous Giraffe Finally Giving Birth

Millions of people have been watching a live cam of April the Giraffe, waiting for her to give birth. On Saturday, the time finally came.

Over 800,000 viewers were watching the YouTube stream of the giraffe in labor on Saturday morning.
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This is April’s fourth calf, but the first born at Animal Adventure Park. The zoo says the newborn is expected to weigh around 150 pounds and stand about 6 feet tall at birth.

The zoo began streaming live footage of April’s pen on Feb. 10, but the feed was briefly banned from YouTube for “nudity and sexual content” two weeks later. It was quickly restored, and has attracted millions of loyal viewers since.

The average giraffe pregnancy lasts about 15 months, the zoo said. The calf is born with hooves-first, followed by its snout.

The zoo plans to hold a contest to name the calf once it’s born.

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