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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bravo TV Network Announces New Fort Thomas Reality Show

The Bravo television network has set its sights on Fort Thomas, and will begin casting for a new reality series featuring local residents. The show is tentatively titled 'The Commonwealth,' and is billed as a cross between 'Friday Night Lights' and the popular Bravo franchise 'Real Housewives.' Casting will take place throughout the month of May 2017.

The show will follow a born and bred New Yorker, Anastasia Waterman, as she attempts to acclimate to her new town of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Waterman and her teenage son will be moving to Fort Thomas this summer to live with her fiance, and was signed on after Bravo executives reached out to her personally.

Waterman was discovered after her future step-niece, Hailey Carson, pitched her story to Bravo producer Andy Cohen. Carson was working as an intern on Cohen's talk show, 'Watch What Happens Live,' when she would often charm the crew with stories of her beloved hometown of Fort Thomas. "I would always tell Andy and the other producers that they needed to do a show in Fort Thomas. It would be perfect. Finally, after a lot of bourbon, some of Bravo's execs agreed to fly down and check out the city. And just like that...they realized they needed to jump on the opportunity before someone else beat them to the punch," said Carson.

Waterman is excited to take on this new adventure with her son, Sebastian, from a previous marriage. “He will be starting high school next year, so this was the perfect time for us to move. I don't know how thrilled he is about trading in his subway pass for a football helmet, but I think this experience will be good for him,” said Waterman.

For Waterman, participating in 'The Commonwealth' will serve as a way to gain quick entry into the town's social scene. She is looking forward to embracing her new hometown of Fort Thomas, and becoming an active part of the community. “I think it will be fun, and it will be a nice way to get to know some of the locals better. It's a fabulous opportunity that I couldn't pass up,” said Waterman.

Bravo is hoping that 'The Commonwealth' will attract viewers who feel they can relate to the cast while still living vicariously through their lives. One Bravo executive elaborated on this by saying, "The town just has a little something for everyone, and all the fun and drama was already built-in. This series is unlike any of our others because it really shows a fascinating part of the country that often goes overlooked. Fort Thomas is a great intersection of high society and common folks, and we really gravitated to that."

You may be asking yourself how and why Bravo decided to branch out and shoot a series in Fort Thomas. Well, according to another Bravo producer, it really came down to the social and political dynamics within the town. "There's just so much happening here for one little town,” said producers. “You have a little class warfare happening between the north and south sides, you have excellent schools, you have some interesting small businesses popping up around town. There's so much pride for this town, and a sense of community that you don't always find in other places. There are everyday people living alongside professional athletes and media personalities and CEOs. It's just incredible. And nobody bats an eye at it. Nobody cares if it's Cris Collinsworth or Joe Six Pack in front of them at the ice cream shop – everyone just treats everyone the same. It's normal to them. Oh, and I've been told that there's ties to a bourbon distillery like an hour away? I know it's not in the Fort Thomas city limits, but come on, does it get any more Kentucky than that?"

Filming is slated to begin in late August 2017.

If you're interested in participating in the show, set up an appointment with Bravo's casting department. They can be reached via email at (Help be a part of this joke and please don't give away the secret for other readers!)