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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bus Route in Fort Thomas May Be Eliminated

The #11 TANK bus on N. Fort Thomas Avenue. FTM file. 
Bus service on the northern end of Fort Thomas could be eliminated by August of this year if a proposed change is carried out by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK).

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Most notably in Fort Thomas, TANK is proposing to consolidate routes #11 and #16 routes. A new combined route would serve Newport Pavilion shopping center and NKU. For the #11 route, which has all-day service and connects Newport, Fort Thomas and NKU, TANK has characterized that route as "consistently substandard" and consolidating it will leave a "significant gap in coverage on Memorial Parkway."

Proposed changes to #11 and #16. Click on image to view larger in separate window. 
A public hearing will take place tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. at the TANK Board meeting in Fort Wright (3375 Madison Pike, Fort Wright, KY 41017).

TANK says that over the last five year, it has actually expanded service to meet the needs of some of the growing areas of the Northern Kentucky community and has been monitoring ridership on all routes, with an annual detailed review.

"While some areas have seen increases in demand, other areas and routes have seen decreases in ridership and overall demand for bus service. In order to stay within a reasonable budget moving forward, TANK is proposing the following service reductions. These reductions affect the routes that have declined in ridership over the last several years and the changes are consistent with the Network Study long range plan that TANK completed in 2012," stated TANK in a release.

A list of those routes are included at the end of this article.

A bus stop for the #11 bus. St. Catherine Church is in the background. FTM file. 
Public comment can be made in person at a scheduled meeting, by phone or by email.

All comment, regardless of method it was received, will be delivered to the TANK Board of Directors prior to a final decision being made. You can make a public comment on the changes may be made by emailing, calling 859-814-2138 or making a public statement at the TANK Board meeting (4-12) or Campbell Fiscal Court Building (4-19).

Other TANK routes being addressed:

#2X Airport Express
Maintain all service and trips between downtown and CVG with minor time adjustments.
Mineola section would be moved to the 1X.
2X connection to Dixie Highway would be eliminated.

#9 Taylor Mill
Maintain morning and afternoon peak service.
Eliminate low ridership trips.

#17X Villa Hills Express
End route at Buttermilk Park & Ride. Route would no longer serve portions of Villa Hills beyond the Buttermilk P&R.

#19X Beechgrove Express
Elimination of route. See map for park and ride lots that are available on the way to downtown Cincinnati.

#20 South Newport
Elimination of route

#39X Limaburg Express
Maintain most service, as is.
Eliminate low ridership trips

#40X North Bend Express
Maintain most service, as is.
Eliminate low ridership trips


  1. This is unfortunate for the Northern end. I really hope they re-consider the #11 route being cut from North Fort Thomas. What's lost in this is the many on North end of town who use this bus as an everyday commute to downtown Cincy. I ride the #11 everyday to work. There is no place in the center of town for a Park and Ride to catch the new proposed route(@S. Fort Thomas and Highland Ave) for people who live on the North side. I encourage others of concern to write them or go to meeting.

    1. I would hope that City Council would get involved as well. This impacts current and future residents. Council can't sit on the sidelines.

  2. I live in North Side and take the #11 to class and work, and then home again every day. My brother and many of his classmates take the #11 to school in mornings. This would definitely be an unfortunate change for many people who rely on the only bus that is available in North Side.

  3. Eliminating Holiday service and reducing weekend service will save a lot of money.

  4. I agree with the above comment. Many people in the north end of Ft. Thomas ride the #11 to/from work in downtown Cincinnati including myself on a periodic basis. If this route is changed, a designated Park and Ride in the area should be established. I have sent my comments to TANK regarding this.

  5. At the very least, combine Route 11, 16

  6. I really hope they do not get rid of route 16 given the fact that there are many kids in fort Thomas who use this bus to get to Newport if needed. This is there only way of transportation. But if the route is taken away they will need to provide a new route that is a combination of the two.