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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Early cicadas coming to Fort Thomas

Some people might say that the only good thing about cicadas is that we only see them once every 17 years, however Mount St Joseph's University believes Fort Thomas may be in line for an extra visit this Spring.

According to Mount St Joe's cicada website Brood X, the main 17 year group of cicadas, isn't due until 2021. On their last visit a group of the brood hatched 4 years ahead of schedule in 2000 instead of 2004, and they believe the same may happen this year. As well as Fort Thomas, Fort Mitchell, Latonia, Taylor Mill, Covington and Florence may also see early visitors.

Researchers, believe Greater Cincinnati could see "a few hundred thousand" insects this year, enough to "sing, mate and lay eggs." However this is far short of the millions expected when the main brood surfaces in 2021.

Cicadas live most of their lives as nymphs underground. They surface once every 17 years in vast numbers to mate and then die, and are know for their exceptionally loud song. They're often eaten in countries like China, and it's not unheard of for Cicada cookouts to be held here when the main brood arrives.

Mount St Josephs are asking for help to map the early arrivals. If you see any make sure your phone allows geo-location of pictures, snap a shot and send to

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