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Thursday, April 20, 2017

GoFundMe Set Up For Allender Children

Lost in the tragedy that occurred in Campbell County when Will Allender killed his wife, Cheryl, are the six children who were left behind.

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There has been a GoFundMe page set up for them with a goal of $50,000. So far, 102 people have raised over $6,000 in total in the last day.

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The link is here. 

Here's what the page says:

This is such a tragic time for our family. These beautiful kiddos lost their mommy on April 18th 2017 during a domestic dispute and ultimately their daddy too.

Their Grandparents have emergency custody and everyone keeps asking what they can do-this is one way to help. And absolutely everything donated will be used to care for them. Food, clothes, field trips etc.... are all the things that these guys will need or want in the coming weeks. Your support will insure that they get to keep doing the things many other kids take for granted. The kids range in age from 6-14 yrs old. These poor kids have had such a rough time but are real troopers. They love each other so much and don't deserve the hand they have been dealt.

There's a long road ahead, and it's not going to be easy for our family....your supportive messages and texts have been very appreciative. Your ongoing and continued prayers are much appreciated and needed.
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  1. So very sorry this happened to these poor children. It breaks my heart. My prayers are with them and with the Grandparents.