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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Young Artist’s Collaborative Showcase to Perform Tonight


Tonight at the Highlands High School Performing Arts Center, an amazing collaborative artistic showcase is set to premiere at 6:30 p.m.

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The showcase is called “The Young Artist’s Collaborative” and is the brainchild of Fort Thomas mom and hand chime instructor Amy Silverton.

It will feature a unique combination of artistic talents and will pair young local artists with professional artists to achieve an awesome experience for those involved and those in the audience.

Practice is underway at Silverton's house

"The Young Artist’s Collaborative is our vision of putting young artists and professionals together in a performance setting; we are creating a unique, fun experience blending all genres of the arts together with our children leading the way,” she said.

Silverton came up with the idea to combine art in this manner when she decided to offer a group hand chime lesson just last year (Silverton owns Belltastic!, a hand chime instructional studio).  One of the performance pieces her group was set to do was Camille Saint-Saens’ “The Swan” and Silverton had the idea to pair her hand chimes with a cello and then began a search to find a ballerina to express the music through dance.

Silverton did not have to search for long because Sarah Hairston Berkeley, former principal ballerina for the Cincinnati Ballet Company, moved across the street from her.  Silverton’s first thought was, “I have my ballerina”.  Berkeley was happy to contribute and Silverton also asked her friend Kathy Anderson (violinist and strings teacher at HHS and HMS) and together they created the “Young Artist’s Collaborative”.

William Schilling and Silvertons son Aidan practicing

Says Silverton, “We (herself, Berkeley, and Anderson) love to see kids of all ages find their musical voice and while there are many opportunities to perform in specific genres, we wanted to have different artistic expressions on stage at one time creating something together.”

Tonight’s show at the HHS PAC promises to be “different artistic expressions” to be sure.  The performance will include hand chime ringers from Belltastic!, a strings ensemble from Highlands High School, and ballerinas from the Cincinnati Ballet-Otto M. Budig Academy.  Finally, there will be special guests for their final song of the night, ACDC’s “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap”.

Practice at Silverton's home. 

Tickets for the event, which begins at 6:30 at the HHS PAC, are $5 for adults and free for students.   For more information on Belltastic!, check out their website at

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