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Friday, April 7, 2017

Vitae Viride Opens in Fort Thomas With Ribbon Cutting

Vitae Viride opened its doors today at 118 N. Fort Thomas Avenue. FTM file. 
Vitae Viride, is officially open for business as of today in Fort Thomas. 

Shop owner, Emily Little, told Fort Thomas Matters in March that she was excited to open a shop and build into her community. 

Vitae Viride, which translates in Latin to "life" and "green," will manufacture and sell all-natural personal care products and cosmetics like soaps, lotions, facial masks and deodorant. Little is the owner of Queen City Alchemy and has been running that business from her home for the last eight years. 

She'll also host community classes in the location. 

Her daughter, Olivia, a kindergartner at Woodfill Elementary helped her cut the ribbon this morning. 

"It's pretty indescribable to have Olivia here. I think it's really important for her to see her mom as a business owner and see the work that it takes to try and be successful. I just want her to see what that looks like as much as possible and integrate that into her life," she said. 

"I can't wait to have the community in this space." 

The first few classes are later this month. The first, Saturday, April 22 will be a painting class. The following Saturday, April 29, there will be a calligraphy class taught. 

To sign up, go to the Vitae Viride Facebook page on the events page, or you can send an email to

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 
Bath salts, soaps and oils. All handmade. FTM file. 

The space fills the former Polished Pearl location. FTM file. 

Store owner, Emily Little. FTM file. 

More handmade soaps, candles and teas. FTM file. 

Glasswares and art. FTM file. 

Display walls. FTM file. 

Jewelry. FTM file. 

More teas and tea pots. FTM file. 

Aftershaves and shave kits. FTM file.  
The gorgeous ceiling. FTM file. 

Vitae Viride is right next to Fort Thomas Coffee. FTM file. 

Little with FTBA President and Vice President, Drew Schwegman and Erika Kraus. FTM file. 

Little with Renaissance members, (L to R): Debbie Buckley, Brian Sand and Mike McDonough. FTM file. 

Little with her family members, (L to R): Lori Steinmann, Linda and John Teeters and daughter, Olivia. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

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