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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Fort Thomas Street Will Be Named For City's Tie To Veterans

Calling All Veterans: Fort Thomas Wants To Honor You

This street, in Tower Park, is getting its own name.
From its birth Fort Thomas always has had strong ties to military service. And as we approach the city's sesquicentennial, folks on the Fort Thomas Sesquicentennial Committee have been brainstorming ways to honor veterans. One idea in the works: increased visibility during the parade. And then Fort Thomas Police Officer Sean Donelan came up with another idea: the naming of a street.

"We have many streets in Fort Thomas named for significant military figures: Washington, Thomas, Grant, Sheridan, Sherman and Woodfill, to name just a few," says Donelan, who has many veteran friends and who has personally served with the Air Force in Iraq, Germany, Guam, Hawaii and many places in the continental U.S. "As a veteran, I thought it would be nice to have a road, for all of us. That's when I came up with 'Veterans Way.'"

The street in Tower Park leading up to the museum, which currently has a Cochran St. address, will officially be named Veterans Way.

"We have streets in town, like Military Pwky. and Army Reserve Road that refer to the military and pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice," Donelan says. "However, there is not a street in our city that pays tribute to the service of veterans. This city, this state and our country exist because of the American veteran. If you think about it, our entire country is the memorial and testament of those who have served and those that are serving our country."

So how does one go about naming a street?

Typically a road is named at the time it is developed and the plat is approved, says Fort Thomas City Administrative Officer Ron Dill. "For example, when a new street in a new subdivision is constructed, the street is given a name on the final plat and council approves the play and name," Dill says. "If a street is renamed or is given a name, it is also done through approval of council. In this case, it is obviously a location within Tower Park that has no individual property owners, but it would require an act of council through resolution or ordinance to 'name' this as a street/drive."

Sesquicentennial committee members also plan to more visibly honor veterans in the parade. Typically veterans appear at the very beginning of the parade but this year they will be the final entry.

"We are asking for veterans from all eras to participate," Donelan says. "We are looking for current and former military members, Active Duty, National Guard and Reservists. Whether they served overseas, state-side, during wartime or during peace, all are wanted to participate." Committee members are specifically seeking folks every assigned to Fort Thomas, residents, former residents, people who work in the city or people who otherwise have ties to the area.

During the parade the city will have a float and a trailer for veterans, with seats available for those who cannot walk the parade route.

Why the end of the parade? Because at the end there will be a presentation at the museum, immediately following the parade. "It will include some new monuments called the 'Charters of Freedom' and also the unveiling of the street sign," Donelan says.

To participate, veterans or their families can contact Donelan directly at 859-572-1243 or

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