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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Be Creative and Have Fun With Fort Thomas ROCKS!

As part of the upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration, a committee headed by Kim Rechtin, will launch “Fort Thomas ROCKS.”

Fort Thomas ROCKS is a type of scavenger hunt that involves painting, decorating, and hiding rocks around Fort Thomas.

This is an advertisement. 

Here’s how it works:

Find some rocks big enough to easily pal in your hands and paint them with your favorite designs (some painters like to put their name, initials, and a date on the back).  If not using an acrylic paint, you may want to seal with varnish or acrylic spray.

Hide the rocks in some fun and creative places in Fort Thomas and wait for others to find them!
When you find a rock, take a picture, upload it to the FortThomasROCKS Facebook page and then re-hide the rock.  If you find a rock you just can’t part with, we encourage you to create and hide a new rock in its place.

Follow us on Facebook so you can see when your rock(s) has been found and see the creations of others.

And because it’s part of the Sesquicentennial celebration, there will be 150 rocks with a special logo on the back. If you find one of these rocks, you can bring it to the sesquicentennial event in July for a special prize (more details to come on Facebook).

Here are a few recommendations:
Have friends and family members over for a “rock painting” party (and post pictures of your painting party if you want).

Visit Pinterest or other rock painting sites if you are at a loss for ideas.

Look for rock painting booths at the next Art Around Towne (June 16).
Come paint rocks at the Fort Thomas Farmers Market throughout the month of June.

Please keep in mind:
Artwork should be PG rated since both kids and adults will be participating.

Be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property (i.e. in deep grass where they could damage a lawn mower or hurt someone).

Don’t find rocks to paint in someone else’s landscaping. (No trespassing, please!)

Painted rocks reflect the opinion, attitudes, and creative expression of the individual artists, and not those of the page admin.  We cannot be held responsible for you being offended.

Let the creativity and fun begin!


  1. The Fort Thomas Independent grade schools are paining rocks to be hidden and found. They'll be collected and hidden next week so keep your eyes open!!

  2. Tag the pictures you add to the Facebook page with the hash tag #FortThomasRocks - and if possible, use a sharpie marker to write #FortThomasRocks on the bottom of your rock!!