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Friday, May 12, 2017

Columbia Journal Review Highlights Fort Thomas Matters

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As local newspapers have closed across the country, more and more communities are left with no daily local news outlet at all.

The Columbia Journal Review audited the number of daily papers throughout the country and highlighted three cities in particular to give an example of a failed or failing daily paper, and what is helping to take its place.

In Cincinnati, Fort Thomas Matters, was highlighted.

Cincinnati, Ohio

After the December 2007 closure of the blue-collar Cincinnati Post, news coverage went hyperlocal, though much of that coverage focused on affluent suburbs. For instance, the online-only Fort Thomas Matters extensively covers a Northern Kentucky suburb just outside Cincinnati.

Boston, Massachusetts

Peter Kadzis was a staffer at the Boston Phoenix for almost 25 years until the paper closed in 2013. Kadzis says social justice, political, and investigative stories took a hit, as did coverage about the city’s minority communities: “What it did is it removed from the scene, effectively, a political voice for their interests.”

Denver, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain News’s February 2009 closure, plus the Denver Post’s continued layoffs and dropping circulation, have “deprived [Denverites] of an understanding of and ability to make informed decisions about issues of local government,” says former Rocky editor, president, and publisher John Temple. “The current world does not lend itself to supporting the economy of local news.”

Read the full article and see the infographic here. 

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