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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Family Bravely Plans for a Summer Without Swim Club Memberships

The Nicholson family will once again be forced to spend the summer outside the fence of the Fort Thomas Swim Club. Cynthia and Craig Nicholson were looking forward to spending the summer with their twin daughters, Anabel and Amelia, enjoying the Swim Club's pool and grounds. Sadly, their dreams have been shattered. 

The family didn't make the cut for membership, and will remain on the waiting list for at least another year.  "It's my kids I'm really worried about," said Cynthia. "I just don't want them going back to school in August and feeling shunned because they weren't at the Swim Club this summer."

550 families hold memberships to the Fort Thomas Swim Club. New members are not added until others have dropped their membership. The pool is a cornerstone of the community, but the limited membership and ongoing popularity mean that many locals must wait years before gaining entrance to the Swim Club's coveted grounds. "Everyone knows that the Swim Club is the place to be in the summer. I guess they could go to the Country Club if they were really desperate, or even the Vernon Swim Club,” said a source. 

Craig Nicholson was certain that this would be the year they would hit the Swim Club jackpot and become members. "We were so sure we would get in this year that we bought the FTSC Tervis cups last year when a friend invited us along as guests for the day. We thought we would be using these glasses all summer for sodas at the concession stand. Now what am I supposed to do? Just drink water out of it at home?"

This terrible news has hit the children hard as well. They were both looking forward to diving head first into life as Swim Club members. "My daughter wants to join the swim team, and said to me, 'Mommy, will I ever get to be a Shark?' It was devastating,” said Craig. 

In the meantime, the Nicholsons have decided to create their own version of the Swim Club.  They have bought an above ground for their backyard, and plan to paint a shark on the side. 

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"I kept thinking about how Craig added his name to the waiting list 10 years ago, and how we could have saved up enough money to buy our own pool by now. So that's what we did. It will get us by until we get our membership,” said Cynthia. The Nicholsons have invited friends and family to enjoy the pool for the summer, and even plan to serve square slices of frozen pizza and Slush Puppies like those found at the Swim Club's concession stand. 

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  1. What a bunch of cry babies. Rules are rules. If you have applied then you know them. If your kids get shunned when school starts back maybe it's because of your theatrics and not being at the swim club.