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Monday, May 8, 2017

Fort Thomas Education Foundation Surprised Teachers With Grant Awards

Last week, the Fort Thomas Education Foundation (FTEF) conducted their annual Grant Patrol and surprised teachers of the Fort Thomas Independent Schools (FTIS) with grant awards totaling $76,000.
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This annual tradition of the FTEF involves ambushing teachers with members of the FTEF during their classes, during after-school performances, and/or during year-end recitals to give them these grant awards.  What makes this process unique is that the students who will benefit from the awards get to see the process unfold and the parents who donate so much by way of time and money to the FTEF, also get to witness where their money goes.

Strings Concert, teacher Kathy Anderson said,
"I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of the FTEF, I was afraid to speak because I was going
to cry!!

Megan Abner, Grant Patrol Chairperson for FTEF, says, “We always look for new and fun ways to tell teachers that their grant request is being funded. This year, we were able to catch some teachers when they least expected it. It’s also really exciting that the students are involved.”

Amy Shaffer, FTEF Board President, added to Abner’s statement saying, “Presenting checks to the teachers and students is always our favorite time of year but we wouldn’t have anything to give without our thoughtful donors. Each year I am humbled by the generosity and support of our community to our schools and students.”

This year’s FTEF grant recipients are:

HHS Broadcasting & Filmmaking Department (Mr. Poff) - construction of a new Audio Engineering Lab
HHS Engineering Technology (Mr. Rosel) - contribution for laser cutter and mill equipment for engineering students to have real world and problem solving experience and career readiness.
HMS & HHS Strings Orchestra (Mrs. Anderson) - new cellos
HMS & HHS Band (Mrs. Duncan) - new brass & woodwind instruments
HHS Band (Mrs. Duncan) – new marimba
HHS Resource Room (Mr. Gay) - 3D Printer from FTEF and 2 3D Printing Packages from GE
HMS Language Arts Classroom (Mrs. Kampschmidt) - alternative seating to encourage student creativity and improve engagement.
HMS Physical Education Program (Mrs. Schlarman & Mr. Staff) - Heartrate monitors & pedometers to promote lifetime fitness.
HMS Broadcasting Program (Mrs. Griffith) - New equipment
Johnson, Moyer & Woodfill Elementary Media Centers (Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Sousa & Mrs. Neltner) – Three grants for devices to work with iPads to gain experience with STEAM
Woodfill Elementary Arts & Humanities Classes (Mr. Gessner & Mr. Rockel) - StageTech equipment to enhance sound & audio theatre experience
Woodfill Elementary School (Mr. Faust) - The Leader in Me training program to further develop culture of leadership through 7 habits of highly effective people

In addition to the 14 grants provided by FTEF, Highlands High School Media Specialist Jason Gay also received a grant from General Electric for a 3D printing package; Andrew Simpson, GE employee and FTIS parent was on hand to deliver the great news to Gay.  The grant provides funding for two new 3D printers with supplies from GE’s Additive Education Program.

Said Gay, “We are excited with the new possibilities and student creative endeavors with the help of FTEF and General Electric (…) I am thankful for the support and encouragement of FTEF and GE as we progress Highlands Library programming as a distinguished model for Kentucky.”

Keith Faust, principal of Woodfill Elementary and recipient of the Leadership grant, said, “We are developing students for not just the next 4 years, rather the next 40 years.  I cannot thank the FTEF enough not just for the grants for Woodfill, but for everything they do for our students.”

Surprising Lori Duncan during the HMS Band Concert tonight with Amy Shaffer and Kevin Duke 
The FTEF is a non-profit organization that raises money to improve Fort Thomas public schools and student resources because we’re serious about educational excellence. Since 2000 the FTEF has been able to give back nearly $12 million to FTIS schools due to contributions from over 3,000 donors.

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