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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fort Thomas Resident Opens New Restaurant on Monmouth Street

Lucy’s on Monmouth
Fort Thomas resident and former restaurant franchise owner Joe Clark is set to open his first independent restaurant on Monmouth Street in Newport in the previous Packhouse location.  Clark’s restaurant will be called “Lucy’s on Monmouth” and will be his first time creating his own menu, atmosphere, and restaurant experience outside of his 30 years of owning Jersey Mike’s franchises.

Lucy’s will be located at 1004 Monmouth Street in Newport KY and will feature a gastropub fare to include double decker sandwiches, feature burgers, nachos, quesadillas, and several other items.  Additionally, there will be a full bar and table service with seating for 90+ people, including 12 outdoor sidewalk seats.  Clark kept the garage door opening that so many loved about the Packhouse, which allows him to bring the outdoors inside.

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Prices for entrees will be very reasonable, ranging from roughly $6-10 plus a couple dollars for sides.

Clark named the restaurant “Lucy’s” after his mother, Lucy Campbell Clark who moved to Newport in the 1950s and subsequently began working for Chef Henry, owner of “Chef Henry’s on Monmouth”.  She began as a server and was known for “always humming a Southern tune while talking with one of her many regulars”, per Clark.  Clark went on to say, “Now that I am grown people always ask me where I developed my passion for cooking; I ask them back if they remember Chef Henry’s and if they say yes, I ask them about the red-headed cook and always get the response, ‘that’s your mom?’ to which I reply, ‘yes, and that’s where I get my passion.’

Clark finished by saying, “I hope to bring the memories of Mom back to Monmouth where it all began.”

In addition, Clark is using fresh ingredients and collaborating with a number of local food supplier businesses such as Sixteen Bricks, Cincinnati artisanal baker, who will supply all of the bread products for Lucy’s.

Be on the lookout for the grand opening, which is soon to come, but the “soft-opening” was last week so patrons can already stop in for a bite and a drink.  Hours will be Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-10 pm and Sunday 11-9.  You can also check them out on Facebook 


  1. Glad to see the quick turnaround between restaurants at this location. It's a good spot on a summer afternoon for drinks and a bite.

  2. Fantastic food best hamburger around

  3. I'm a Newport resident and we need a good place like this. Can't wait I'm only minutes away to.

  4. Wishing you much success Joe...

  5. Used to go there as a kid in the 60's - us kids always got the roast beef swimmers 😋