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Monday, May 1, 2017

Fort Thomas Subway | NKY Catering

Kate Lockwood, a long-time employee at Fort Thomas Subway, is moving on. FTM file. 
A familiar face is leaving a favorite local restaurant spot in Fort Thomas.

Kate Lockwood has probably made you a sandwich at the Fort Thomas Subway at some point during her 10-year tenure, all the while finishing up at Highlands before working throughout her college education at Northern Kentucky University.

Lockwood, has accepted a co-op job at Procter and Gamble in the supply chain network.

"This has been in the plans for a while," said franchise owner, James Davis. "We're more than just sandwiches at Subway, Kate has been part of our family."

Davis talked about hiring Lockwood in 2007.

"We improved our processes and started hiring local high school and college students. We wanted residents in Fort Thomas to feel a sense of community here, whether they were working or dining with us," said Davis.

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Lockwood, a 2009 Highlands graduate, first began working two days a week as a 16-year old to earn gas money .

Davis said that in hindsight, hiring Lockwood was one of the best decisions he has made as a franchise owner.

"I remember even being too shy to ask an application, so my mom got it for me," Lockwood said with a smile. "We sat down and ate lunch and James called to offer me a job a day later. I started by prepping the cheese only!"

She's been a manager for five years now and slowly but surely, she's been letting her regulars know she's moving on. 

"They've all been really excited for me, but it'll be a little bittersweet for all of us," she said. "It was the best learning experience I could have ever asked for. I'm sure I'll be stopping in just to check in on things."

If you'd like to stop in and congratulate her, Lockwood's last day full day is Saturday, May 6 and she'll be working Saturdays through June. 

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