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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ret. Judge Tim Nolan Resigns From School Board Amid Indictments

Margo Grubbs, attorney, and Tim Nolan discuss details before a live press conference in her office. The video is below. FTM file. 
A retired Campbell County district judge was handed 11 indictments today from the grand jury in Campbell County after turning himself in to police in April following an investigation that's gone on since February.

The grand jury returned indictments to Timothy Nolan for seven counts of Human Trafficking, two counts for Unlawful Transaction with a Minor, Tampering with a Witness and Prostitution.

Because of those indictments, Nolan, a Campbell County School Board member, resigned from that position today.

Nolan's attorney, Margo Grubbs, says that her client is innocent and is looking forward to defending her client. She says the allegations are baseless.

"When you've been around as long as I have, you see the importance the presumption of innocence is in our legal system," she said.

Nolan is adamant that his name will be cleared. He made a statement to the media today from his attorney's office after the court proceedings.

"We will clear my name if it’s the last thing I ever do," he said. "We have seen things like this in history, particularly in Campbell County. Ultimately I will be vindicated."

What's next is was immediately unclear. The case is being handled in Boone County because the court officials in Campbell County have recused themselves due to potential conflicts of interest.

In April, before the Grand Jury considered the charges, Special District Court Judge Elizabeth Chandler from Carrollton lowered Nolan's original $50,000 bond. Nolan has been out on bond since.

Today, the grand jury asked the court to raise that bond to $750,000 cash, however Judge Fred A. Stine said that the special judge will need to make the ruling on that. As the matter has now been indicted, a Special Circuit Court Judge will handle further proceedings, including the grand jury’s request for an increase in bond. It is not yet clear what judge will oversee the case.

Nolan served as a Campbell County district judge from 1978 to 1986.

The statement in its entirety is below:

Mr. Timothy S. Nolan, a long time public servant, is announcing that he is stepping down from the Campbell County School Board citing to concerns that the baseless and setup charges brought against him today are distracting from the Board's important business. Mr. Nolan intends to mount a vigorous defense to the allegations and claims made against him. 

Mr. Nolan wishes to express his admiration for the dedication shown by his fellow Board members and the school district's administrators, as well as his strong support for their work on improving the operations of the school district and achieving the highest educational standards. 

Mr. Nolan is furthermore concerned about the effects that the outrageous charges are having on his family members, who are also dedicated public servants and professionals living and working in the Northern Kentucky region. 

Mr. Nolan is grateful that, under the US and Kentucky Constitution, he is afforded the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed to all citizens and he is determined to clear his good name. 

In closing, Mr. Nolan wishes to express his sincerest thanks to those in the Campbell County community for their outpouring of support. 


  1. Mr Nolan is out of Jail today. WHY? I guess a family dedicated to public service can pay $750,000 CASH BOND TO GET HIM OUT.

  2. guilty as charged! Lock HIM Up!!