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Friday, May 12, 2017

The Laundry Magician | Laundry Pickup & Delivery | Fort Thomas | Northern Kentucky | Cincinnati Laundry Pickup Service

Use coupon code- FREE10 for $10 off your first order. 
Life is busy.

There's no getting around it. We are cramming more and more into our lives each passing year and the constant revolving door of meetings, toting kids and dates we can't break is making it harder and harder to keep up with the daily household to-do list.

If you're like me, laundry is often one of the items that gets relegated to the bottom of that list.

My system is pretty simple. Dirty clothes go into my laundry basket in my closet and when it's overflowing I simply pile more onto it until it's overflowing. Then, I wait a few more days until there is literally nothing left to wear and drag it downstairs to the basement to wash, dry and fold.

Wouldn't it be great if I could click a few buttons, have someone pick up my laundry, trust them to do it the way I like it and have them bring it back the next day?

Enter The Laundry Magician, a laundry pickup service started by local resident, Dave Menz. Menz and his wife Carla, a math teacher at Highlands Middle School have two boys that attend Woodfill Elementary and a daughter at Western Kentucky University. Their company started out small and local seven years ago and have grown organically over time to offer services within the entire Greater Cincinnati/NKY Area.

"Five years ago my wife was offered a teaching position in Fort Thomas and our family has fallen in love with the Fort Thomas community and of course the rest is history," said Menz. "While my wife is a lifelong educator, I am a passionate entrepreneur. I've always looked for unmet opportunities in the market to serve others needs." 

Menz said that his research showed that laundry is one of the most undesirable and time consuming tasks in a families' week.

"Dry cleaners only serve a very small niche, the dress clothes and high end garments, so we set out to create a business that could launder everything else. We see ourselves as the opposite of a dry cleaner," he said.  

The Laundry Magician launders everything a dry cleaner won't or can't: socks, shorts, shirts, undergarments or bedding.

I tried The Laundry Magician out to understand the process for our readers.

I'm comfortable using services like this. If I'm in a bind or short on time for dinner, I rely on UberEats a lot. Lyft is my go-to ride sharing app. Really, anything that can save me time and deliver on their promises in a professional manner, I'm ready to add to the rotation. But laundry is personal. I fold my clothes a certain way. I like a certain detergent and fabric softener.

That was the first thing I liked about The Laundry Magician. After you sign up at their website, you complete a short preference profile. You tell them the detergent and fabric softener to use, whether or not to use bleach, the temperature for whites and darks, even how to dry and fold your clothes. If there is some special instructions, you can tell them that too.

I use Gain detergent and Downy fabric softener and I was happy they had those options to pick from.

As with all the convenience apps and services, you enter your credit card information in to pay. It's $1.60 per pound if you like a scheduled pickup weekly or if you're like me and wait until the last minute, you can schedule by request for $1.70. There's a $30 minimum pickup fee.

I had an overflowing monster of a pickup, which weighed in at 19 pounds, that would cost $32.30. There are no delivery charges or long-term commitments, which I liked.

After I set up my laundry profile, it was time to schedule my pickup. Again, like anyone else, my clothes are extremely personal to me. Entrusting it to a service was probably my biggest mental hurdle. So after scheduling my pickup for the next day, I actually took an inventory of what I'd be sending off to The Laundry Magician: jeans (2), khakis (1), chinos (1), shorts (7), hoodies (2), pullovers (2), button ups (3), polos (4), t-shirts (13) and my undergarments.

What does this tell me? I wear a lot of t-shirts.

I wear a lot of t-shirts. The FTM office dress code is lax, what can I say? This was the bundle. FTM file. 
So, I set my laundry profile, entered my card information, set my pickup and (not necessary) wrote an inventory for my clothing. That's when maybe the most impressive thing about The Laundry Magician started: their communication.

A real life person called me to confirm my pickup and answer questions. Her name was Paula. The initial voicemail she left was here:

The first time they pick up your clothes, you put them in a plastic bag, but customer service sends out a welcome kit, complete with laundry bag for your subsequent pickups.

Then, the communication started. Also when you're signing up, you can tell them how often and how you'd like them to communicate with you. Again, with how personal laundry can feel, I wanted to be updated as much as I could via email and text. They let you know you scheduled the pickup correctly, when they are on their way, that they have your clothes laundered and when they are dropping them off.

In all between signing up for my pickup on April 30 and having them drop my clean and folded clothes back on May 2, I asked for and received six emails and four text messages. I absolutely loved being able to track the process.

Text messages I received from The Laundry Magician to my phone. 
The driver, Ross, was polite, even when I asked if I could take a look inside his service van (which was very neat and clean). My button ups came on hangers, as requested, and the rest of my laundry (all accounted for) was folded nicely and ready to put away in a tightly wrapped bundle.

The inside of The Laundry Magician's service van. FTM file. 

My clothes were picked up Monday, May 1 and returned Tuesday, May 2.

Pretty dang successful. 

So for me, I would (and will) use this service again because of the convenience, reliability and the ability to personalize it. 

In the same way that some are getting rid of cars completely (and associated costs like repairs, taxes and gas) and opting to solely use ride share services, I can see people getting rid of laundry rooms completely and instead using services like this. 

This service has got a chance to give you one of life's most precious assets: time.

To try it for yourself, log onto The Laundry Magician here and use coupon code- FREE10 for $10 off your first order. 

My button-up shirts on hangers and in plastic. Even when comparing items like this, which are typically dry-cleaned, The Laundry Magician's prices are likely cheaper on a per item basis. FTM file. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Laundry Magician. All opinions are my own.

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