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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Old Man and The Gun Films in Newport

Robert Redford in USBank studying lines.
Monmouth Street in Newport became a Hollywood movie set on Wednesday.

The movie crew for The Old Man and The Gun starring Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck and Danny Glover shot scenes at USBank and Heritage Bank at the corner of East 7th and Monmouth.  The filming for this scene was done in and outside the banks. Redford was the main actor in both of these scenes.

Robert Redford on his way to the next shoot at Heritage Bank.
Affleck shot a scene on the street at 8th and Monmouth, outside of Beach's Sew and Vac.

While Fort Thomas Matters was on hand to watch the filming of the scene inside of Heritage Bank, which was transformed into The Texas Loan & Commerce Bank, Fort Thomas mayor, Eric Haas, got into full costume to become part of the movie.

"The location scout for the movie approached USBank on Monmouth for an exterior scene for the movie. They were initially declined, but as a bank Advisory Board member, I encouraged them to allow the filming," said Haas.  "They offered to stick me behind a counter at the bank for the scene, but I doubt I will be recognizable."

Because Redford was the main actor in the scenes in Newport, Haas was able to observe him.

"The crew was efficient and very thoughtful to everyone involved," he said. "I introduced myself to Robert Redford after the shoot and he was very gracious and thankful for being able to use the location. During a scene change he came into the bank and was led to a Director’s Chair, which he used the break to go over his lines for the next scene."

The director's chair was embroidered by local business, Ball Embroidery, but that wasn't the only local business who felt the trickle down from the film. Pepper Pod Restaurant’s non-smoking banquet room served as the office/snack center for the movie crew.  Wooden Cask at 629 York Street was the setup for the movie crew’s catering food services.  Builder’s Surplus at 20 West 6th Street was the basecamp for the movie crew.  Costume Gallery provided wardrobe items and accessories and owner, Joy Galbraith made blouses for Sissy Spacek.

Monmouth Street Antique Gallery provided jewelry and other accessories to the Prop Master. The Turn Vintage Warehouse provided furniture props for the set of the home of Sissy Spacek’s character. Arts Rental supplied lifts and other equipment needed for the film crew.

Even local law enforcement stepped in to help with movie props. Newport Police Chief Tom Collins provided his 1968 Belvedere Police Cruiser which was used in the Police Chase in Bethel, Ohio.

Kenton County Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn provided eight sheriff badges for the police chase in Bethel, Ohio.  Somehow the badges were lost in the wardrobe shipment from Los Angeles, so the Prop Master stopped by Monmouth Street Antique Gallery in desperate need of the eight badges. When they didn't have them, the film crew made the call to Korzenborn.

Haas and Fort Thomas Matters weren't the only Fort Thomas connections to the movie set. Highlands graduate, Ashley Collinsworth, was part of the crew and in charge of working with Redford.

Ashley Collinsworth and Robert Redford. 
The Newport Business Association was on hand all day to ensure the film crew had everything they needed from the local business community.

The movie is a true story about criminal, Forrest Tucker and takes place in the early 1970’s.

The Newport Business Association had signs made to welcome the film crew. 
The 600-800 blocks of Monmouth were closed to through traffic. 
Outside of Heritage Bank. 
Affleck filmed a scene on the side of Beach's. 

Heritage Bank became Texas Loan & Commerce. 

The crew inside of Heritage Bank. Redford filmed a scene right next door. 

One of the producers of the movie explaining the scene in the room. Some local officials look on. Redford's stand-in was a local pilot. His wife, believed he looked like Redford and submitted his profile to the film's producers. 

Heritage became Texas Loan & Commerce. 

Redford outside on a payphone on Monmouth. 

Crew placing covering the USBank sign. 

Crew preparing for filming.

Robert Redford’s Directors Chair made by Ball Embroidery. 
Period cars outside of Dixie Chili. 

Robert Redford being given direction for the shot.

NBA President, Mark Ramler, with FTM's Mark Collier and Sen. Wil Schroder. 


  1. This is where I was a week ago. I lived many years in Newport and graduated from Newport Public in 1964.

  2. It's going to be so fun seeing Newport in the movie. Dixie Chili is my favorite place to eat. I graduated from Newport High in 1978.