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Friday, June 2, 2017

Bellevue Man Charged With Indecent Exposure Near Highlands Middle School

Quick Thinking Juveniles Help Police Nab Their Suspect 
This picture, allegedly of Thomas Wayne Bingham's truck, was taken by a juvenile who witnessed the crime on May 27, 2017. FTM file. 
Last week a Bellevue man was charged with three counts of indecent exposure after he was accused of exposing his genitals and masturbating at 1:19 p.m. last Saturday in front of Highlands Middle School.

According to a complaint warrant obtained by Fort Thomas Matters, Thomas Wayne Bingham, 30, drove past three juveniles, heading north on Memorial Parkway and then parked next to the sidewalk. As the three witnesses approached the vehicle, they noticed Bingham's passenger side window rolled down. As they passed the vehicle, they said they saw Bingham with his genitals exposed and making lewd movements towards them.

Thomas Wayne Bingham. Campbell County Detention Center. 
That's when, according to police, he looked at the juveniles and sped off toward the intersection of Memorial Parkway and N. Fort Thomas Avenue.

The three female juveniles had enough foresight to take a picture of Bingham's truck, capturing his license plate, and noted his appearance.

Officer Zac Rohlfer was dispatched to the area and spoke to the girls about what they saw. Within ten minutes he had located Bingham in the same truck at 2000 Memorial Parkway. Rohlfer had to get a warrant issued for Bingham's arrest since the alleged misdemeanor crimes did not take place in his view.

According to police, Bingham matched the physical description and admitted to being in the area and seeing the three girls. He said he was the only person driving that truck that day.

He was booked into the Campbell County Detention Center on a $7,500 cash bond.

One of the female juvenile's mother, who declined to be named, said Rohlfer was impressed with the girls' resourcefulness.

"(Ofc. Rohlfer) gave me details of the arrest but the call was more to tell me how well the girls handled the scary situation," she said. "He was proud of them and it was obvious by his tone. I was very impressed with the contact and follow up that the Fort Thomas Police gave me. They caught him quickly and kept me in the loop."

She said this incident wasn't the first time her daughter helped police helped with an investigation.

In November of 2016, Todd Hundley escaped from police at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas after leading police on a high-speed chase in Dayton, Kentucky. In the high-profile crime spree detailed on Fort Thomas Matters over three days, he stole a car in Fort Thomas and drove to Frankfort. A tip led police to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort.

That tip came from her daughter.

She said that they had just moved from the Frankfort area from Fort Thomas in August of 2016.

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"My daughter got a Snapchat from a friend that she cheered with at her old school who was at that Buffalo Wild Wings in Frankfort. The snap was a picture of Hundley and it was captioned sitting across from a felon," she said. "We called the police right away."

Hundley escaped from police again at the BW3's in Frankfort, but was later caught the next day in Versailles, Kentucky.

The juvenile's mother said she's incredibly proud of her 14-year old daughter.

"She is incredibly confident. Maybe she should go into law enforcement!"

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