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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Cleats For A Cause" Is Helping Young Athletes In Need

As a part of a summer service program, HHS Senior Michael Dunn is asking for donations for a good cause,.
Michael Dunn, an HHS incoming senior and varsity football player is on a mission to help kids in need.

He says football is his passion, and as a part of a summer service project, he has created "Cleats for a Cause."

After playing against local area teams in junior league and high school, Dunn says he saw firsthand players that did not have the proper equipment necessary to give them a basic equal chance to compete, regardless of their skill.

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"I knew that I needed to do some service for my community involving a cause that I am passionate about. I have been very blessed to have had the means to buy the equipment that I need to play the sport I love, football. Living in the Fort Thomas community where the game is supported in such a great way, you don’t often think about kids in less fortunate communities that don’t receive the same support or who don’t have the means to buy the equipment to play. This is why I came up with the "Cleats for a Clause" project," Dunn said.

Dunn, a senior varsity football player, is a also a member of the varsity track team and National Honor Society.
Dunn says new cleats can run anywhere from $80 to $200 dollars, and they are hard to buy each year especially in the prime of growing and when they do not fit from the previous season.

As his first round of donations comes to an end this week, Dunn will be organizing another collection drive later in the summer that will line up with the beginning of the Fort Thomas Junior Football League season.

"I think it is an amazing idea. I can't believe no one else has thought of it. Besides the helmet and shoulder pads, a football player's cleats are the most important part of their uniform, said HHS Head Football Coach Brian Weinrich.

Mike is giving people an opportunity to have access to quality cleats that they might not have been able to have."

After the cleats are collected and cleaned, Dunn plans on handing them out to local programs in need.

"I have seen first hand how the Fort Thomas community rallies to support a good cause. My family’s annual golf outing to support the Mike Dunn Scholarship Foundation just celebrated its' 30th year -  a feat that could never be possible without the continued support of the Fort Thomas community. I can only hope the Fort Thomas community will see how impactful this project will be to young people in our area and donate cleats," Dunn added.

All donations can be dropped off at the Assistant Principles Office at Highlands High School.

For any questions, email Dunn at

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