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Monday, June 12, 2017

Driver Arrested After Crashing Into Vehicle, Driving Into Front Yard

A man was arrested after the vehicle he was driving crashed into a car and into a front yard today in Fort Thomas.
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A driver of a work van was arrested today after smashing into a parked vehicle driving west down Highland Avenue, before striking a tree and bus stop sign. He lost his front right tire from those collisions and his vehicle came to rest about ten feet from a home on the corner of Highland Avenue and Mayfield Avenue, which is also the entrance to Highland Park in Fort Thomas.

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Police gave the driver a field sobriety test before arresting him. His name and charges were not known at the time of this report.

No one was hurt in the crash, which happened at about 10:00 a.m. on June 12.

Thirteen-year old, Noah Daniel, was sleeping in the room closest to where the vehicle came to a rest. He spoke to Fort Thomas Matters, with permission from his grandmother.

"I heard the noises right outside the window and I thought it was just a dream. Then I heard the police sirens and walked outside to see a van in our front yard," he said.

Neighbor, Joe Schwerling, who lives one house down on the same side of the street said he heard the crash and saw the driver crawling under a bush near the home.

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"The driver had gotten out of the car and was literally on his hands and knees under the corner bush. I thought he was throwing up or something," said Schwerling.

He said the driver behind the vehicle also told police the same, that she had seen the driver under the bush.

Later after interviewing witnesses, Lt. Jamey Gadzala, crawled under that bush to investigate. Fort Thomas Matters was on scene and saw Gadzala recover a hypodermic needle.

Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Officer Zac Rohlfer were also dispatched onto the scene to investigate and secure the area.

Nathaniel Sizemore, who lives just two doors down from where the vehicle came to rest, said his daughter was out on a walk with their caretaker when this occurred.

The Fort Thomas Police department is a quarter mile away from the scene.

"The emergency responders were on this right away, but it was a pretty scary event. My wife and I walk this path almost every day," he said.

The owner of the work van got to the scene in time to see his vehicle being towed away. He was seen talking with property owners to exchange insurance information.

This article will be updated.


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