Monday, June 12, 2017

Elderly Woman Threatened With Tazer, Robbed in Fort Thomas

The robbery occurred just before the early mass started at St. Thomas in Fort Thomas. FTM file. 
On Saturday, June 10, at 8:15 a.m. Fort Thomas Police were called in response to a robbery in the parking lot of St. Thomas School.

An 81-year old woman said that a white male in his 40's or 50's approached her as she was getting out of her car to go to her church service.

According to the police report, she said that he was asking for directions to get to Grandview Avenue.

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After giving him directions, she said that he demanded her purse and allegedly said, "Give me your purse or I will zap you," while he was holding an item in his hand that appeared to be a taser. She immediately handed over the purse after the threat was made.

Cristy Small, the victim's daughter, said that her mother said she felt very comfortable to him as he asked for directions.

"She was on her way into church and would have definitely given him money if he needed it," she said.

Small went onto say that her mother was widowed last month after losing her husband. She was not hurt during the robbery

Detective Adam Noe, of the Fort Thomas Police, said that police have reached out to other churches in the area and officers will step up patrols in the area, but he did not believe this was a pattern.

"It was likely just a desperate person trying to prey on a trusting person," he said. "Just be aware of your surroundings. If you're uneasy about someone or something, call our dispatch number and we'll send someone over."

He said that the time of day and the fact that there were other cars around in the parking lot led to his conclusion that the suspect was desperate.

Noe said that police are following up on leads and are hopeful they have some information that could lead to an arrest.

Campbell County Dispatch can be reached at 859-292-3622. If a burglary is in progress, call 9-1-1.

There were other cars in this parking lot when the robbery occurred. FTM file. 

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