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Friday, June 16, 2017

Fort Thomas Couple Married One Day After Car Was Smashed By Impaired Driver

Amy Moses' Mazda was smashed on Monday. She and her fiancé, David Brooks, were to be married the next day. FTM file. 
Earlier this week, Eric M. Hancock, 40 from Fort Thomas, was arrested after smashing into a parked vehicle driving west down Highland Avenue, before striking a tree and bus stop sign. He lost his front right tire from those collisions and his vehicle came to rest about ten feet from a home on the corner of Highland Avenue and Mayfield Avenue, which is also the entrance to Highland Park in Fort Thomas.

This took place at 10:45 a.m. in a highly trafficked area of Fort Thomas.
Call, 859-655-4430. This is an advertisement. 

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Hancock was charged with his third DUI, wanton endangerment and was hit was other charges upon being booked into the Campbell County Detention Center.

Moses' car (in the background) was parked on Highland Avenue. FTM file. 

The chain reaction of the crash was felt all the way in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where Fort Thomas residents Amy Moses and David Brooks were getting married.

Moses' car was parked on the street and was the first vehicle Hancock hit before careening into one of her neighbor's front yard.

"Yep, we are getting married today, down here in North Myrtle Beach. We got a call from our neighbor who lives three doors down, who is watching our dog at his home," said Moses.

Moses said her neighbor told her he struggled about whether or not to call them to tell them the news the day before their wedding.

"I thought he was going to tell me my dog died, but when I found out it was just my car, I  was more worried about what I should do being so far away,"

"What kept coming into my mind is that my daughter walks this road everyday to the swim club at that time. So do many of her friends. Highland Avenue is always covered with walkers. I immediately prayed thanking God that we are in South Carolina and my daughter is here with us and that no one was harmed"

No one was hurt in the crash, which seems unlikely given the proximity to Ruth Moyer elementary, being a block away from a central business district, two swimming pools and a large park. Swim team practice had just let out, as well as a basketball camp.

Fort Thomas Police Lt., Rich Whitford, told Fort Thomas Matters a tragedy was avoided.

"We simply can't put up with this," he said. "And we won't. This is not acceptable."

Moses' fiance, David Brooks, said for him the scariest part is what police told their neighbor.

"He said the cops told him these addicts will get high and just drive around for no reason. This is becoming increasingly terrifying."

Despite the crash that severely damaged Moses' Mazda, Brooks and Moses tied the knot on Tuesday. Moses said that she decided to call the insurance company and filed the incident away into the back of her mind until she was able to get home, which was hard because of the amount of concerned people who were taking pictures of the car and sending it to her and her daughter.

"They were just being informative and helpful, but I tried not to worry about what's happening there. I'm just grateful no one was walking there. This could've been a fatal incident and it wasn't, thank God."

Hancock's vehicle ended up ramping up this hill and into the front yard of a home on the corner of Highland Avenue and Mayfield Avenue. FTM file. 

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