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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jet Age Records and Coffee to Open in Newport

Behind the counter at Jet Age Records.
Forbes magazine reports, “As CD and digital sales decline in the wake of streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, record sales are on the rise. In fact, the format has seen 260% growth since 2009. While CDs sit on shelves, vinyl supply is having a hard time keeping up with demand. It may not have seemed possible 10 years ago, but vinyl is back.” 


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One reason is that many discerning ears think that the sound is richer and warmer than digital.  Or maybe people like the tactile experience of handling the music. You can touch it, see it, and hear it. Besides it’s just fun. A number of restaurants spin records for customers. My favorite set up is at Eli’s BBQ in the East End where the turntable is powered through a Marshal guitar amp that adds a fun and funky crunch to the sound.

Some of the collection at Jet Age Records. 

I admit that I love vinyl albums. I owned about a thousand of them and I know people who have thousands more. I love the art, the feel, and the sound. I scoured every bit of text and graphics for information about the musicians, writers, guests, producers, studios, and influences to enhance my listening. So when I heard about Jet Age Records I had to investigate.

Kevin, Tom, and Mike Schraer behind the counter.

And customers will be able to have that experience beginning in early July because brother Kevin, Tom, and Mike Schraer are opening Jet Age Records in Newport at 817 Monmouth Street.  Mike Schraer says, “I've loved music from an early age, vinyl especially. We wanted to open a store that had a modern feel with a vintage attitude, offering great classic vinyl with the new stuff.”  Kevin Schraer says that selection “will run the gamut of genres,” rock, jazz, classical, and country.

And there is a full service coffee shop serving Newberry’s special blends. And there is wifi. And they will open at 8:00 am on Sunday.  There aren’t many record shops like it.
The coffee chalkboard.

You will have to check out the listening station with Sexy Sadie. You can put a record on the turntable and borrow the headphones from Sexy Sadie and take that record for a spin.  And, of course, Jet Age Records sells turntables so you can have the same experience at home. Kevin adds that they  “can special order items” as well. Tom Schraer says, “We buy and sell gently used records and we will also carry new selections.”
Sexy Sadie at the listening station.

And don’t forget the posters. Music posters are some of the most highly prized pop art creations. You will be able to buy vintage posters.

Jet Age Records is going through a soft opening right now but they are planning a grand opening. Mike Schraer says that, “We hope to open in a couple of weeks with a grand opening celebration.”  That will probably be the first week of July. Looking forward to it.

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